Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Video: Aquille Carr (@CantGuard3) -

Older…but timeless…footage. This young dude just wrapped his 10th grade year and is 5'6"…

Aquille Carr. Remember the name...

Word to @Myke_Kewl...


Check Out @bin2honeyb's!!!

My homie, and fellow blogger, Bintu Kabba presents


@FriedGold9 x @Iconic_Storm

When these two link…it's always magic.

Ryan Powell, also known as @FriedGold9, an up-and-coming photographer out of Philadelphia, captures moments from start to finish. Look for this young visionary to make some major moves in the industry. We will be featuring more of his work throughout, "New Artist Wednesdays."

Melissa Hinton is a close friend of mine. All of my female friends are sexy…no lie…but @Iconic_Storm has to be one of, if not the sexiest. As a budding make-up artist, stylist, and runway model, Hinton has made herself a triple threat in an industry that fosters diversity and elevates talent on every level. Look for Melissa to make more splashes on and runways near you…


"R.I.P. SneakerHeadz" by @Myke_Kewl

Before we get into the
kewler piece…

Growing up, me owning the latest pair of Jordan's/Penny's/
Nikes was a rarity...for two very specific reasons: partially because my parents thought they were too expensive a purchase...especially for an adolescent who would eventually (physically and possibly mentally) grow out of them. And the second half to that deprivation equation, is originality. They could care less Jordan had his own commercials, or that he was arguably "the greatest player" to ever touch a basketball. My parents wanted to instill original behavior at a very early age, an age where having that sense of originality could be dangerous for your social career. Needless to say, I wanted the kicks bad, but that didn't matter. They didn't care. They didn't care the whole school may have had them. They didn't care that coming to school without them, sometimes meant, you were NOT "cool" that day. They damn sure didn't care that the girlies would have loved me more if had these on!

Granted, there were some gems they purchased for me, because I either begged for them enough and they wanted to shut me up OR they thought the design may have been nice themselves...and possibly worthy of the $100 bill.

All that being said, in honor of @
Myke_Kewl's piece below, I'd like to take this space to thank my parents for that. Your actions and hard nose morals, have produced a stone cold WINNER...a winner with a major sneaker addiction.

R.I.P to Sneaker Heads…

Is it just me or is everyone a
sneakerhead now?

With retailers back in full stock of classics it is becoming easy to portray a “
sneakerhead." The craziest part about this sneaker epidemic, this wave, around is these people call themselves sneakerheadz?

At one point the term “sneakerhead” was given, not taken. A sneakerhead was described by funds or a specific shoe; it was described by the most ridiculous & absurd measure taken to obtain a shoe. I believe the real “sneakerheadz” are gone. Now we have the nemesis of those sneaker days coming back for revenge with deadstock bs. For example, reject foams with super soles that don’t turn yellow, or AJ3 with a tainted gloss & a lite-weight frame. Something isn’t quite the same about the experience. Now sneakerheads have become just that, giving sneakers-head. Everybody has a collection or has a new found passion for shoes, some of us always had the passion but couldn’t afford it, due to funds or whatever the case may be, I feel for you. Because the experience of not having the money maybe cleaning a sidewalk or two was the experience of the beloved sneakerhead, the feeling of doing whatever to obtain the shoes was legendary over the shoes.

Fuck what shoe it was; it was the shoe you worked hard obtain. Now I see a lot of copycats looking to obtain because of what others tell them the shoe is, no personal taste, story or depiction just a robot spat out version of their love for that shoe almost a
Manchurian candidate for sneakers. Then at the end, they'll tell you that they are “sneakerheadz." It's funny because now we live in a time where everything has become generic & the time of originality is dying.

Anything you want to be or learn is on the web, if you wanted a guideline to being this “sneakerhead” I’m pretty sure nicekicks has one. Being a shoe-collector has become mainstream and has lost value to the ones who have really done it & or do it. The sneakerheadz are now going back to that good old saying: "Quality over Quantity." Everything can’t be quality; it just doesn’t work like that. So now very few are back to quality. Let’s thank those who gave the sneakers-head & continue to walk around with a sneaker facial to feel cool. Remember “Quality over Quantity” the quality of the shoe depends on you not them.

Look out for
Myke Kewl Lessons In Kewl release THIS Friday, June 17th



The ReBeL Yell - A.D.I.D.A.S

All Day…

I really like this track. I have to say though, hearing it here, DOES NOT touch what it sounds like LIVE. Yes, I am one of the privileged individuals who've had the opportunity to hear the group live during one of their performances at WarmDaddy's and even a closed band rehearsal. You have to catch up to The ReBeL Yell, after smashing a Connecticut show featuring the likes of Weezer and Wiz Khalifa, they're set to explode onto this scene.

The A.D.I.D.A.S. single will be available for purchase July 4th weekend…on iTunes and Look for more from this group here on!

Check out some of the highly coveted reviews…

Word to Dom. When are we going to check it up on 2k bro?


@ChasKyle - #NoCoatTails

BIG WORDS: When I think of the term "Self-Made," I think of the group that this guy belongs to. Put-A-Beat-On is the definition of from the ground up. I remember visiting them in Northeast Philadelphia. There had to be about 4 or 5 straight workers…judging by the looks on their faces…before they ever said a word to me, I could tell they took No. Days. Off. Word to Put-A-Beat-On.

Below, @CashKyle of @PutABeatOn drops a joint over Kendrick Lamar's "HiiiPower"


@BonesHR - "Ballin" [Video]

Before we get into this video, let me warn y'all…I like Bones. #pause. I've watch dude grow and develop as an artist, and feed an unmatched work ethic. Some of us have to get like him when it comes to working hard for what we want. Keep doing your thing bro.

Look for more of @BonesHR on

SCREAM @ ME!!! Presents: NAW "New Artist Wednesday"

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Throughout the summer 2011, will be devoting these pages EVERY WEDNESDAY to helping to break new artists! Over time, the Internet has become the most dominant media outlet. We can no longer solely depend on radio, newspapers, magazines, journals, or even exhibits to introduce us to the latest waves. There exists talent that never gets the exposure it deserves…we would like to have our hand in being that change.

That being said: CALLING ALL ARTISTS! Musicians, dancers, graphic designers, painters, models, authors, producers, composers, poets, filmmakers, directors, bloggers…ALL ARTISTS…the time is now. Let's make history together!

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