Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Video: Giants Fans Are Crybabies


Although this is from last year, I have No Words.


ATTENTION SneakerHeads: Jordan 11 "Cool Grey" Release info

Exclusive FootAction Stores will be holding midnight release parties for the 12-22-10 release of the Jordan 11 "Cool Grey" colorway. A must have shoe for all sneakerhead collections!
Shoutout to kicksonfire.com for the info, heres the link


Video: Ashanti Shows Nelly Some Love

So, right now I'm wondering if this is still supposed to be a secret relationship. They were doing so well until this...


R.I.P. Magnolia Shorty

Another dark day in Hip Hop.

According to AHH, New Orleans-bred rapper, Magnolia Shorty born Renetta Lowe, formerly of Cash Money Records, was shot (26 times) and killed recently in her hometown.

The shooting occurred around 12:30 p.m. on the 6300 block of Bridgehampton Drive, police report. Pronounced dead at the scene, officers discovered Lowe, 28, and an unidentified male, inside a car that had been smashed into the gates of a local apartment complex.

Magnolia Shorty signed to Cash Money Records in the early 90′s. She was brought to the attention of label owners Bryan “Baby” and Ronald “Slim” Williams by members of the Hot Boys super group, who had been her childhood playmates and friends growing up in the Magnolia Project residential development.

Shorty released her first CD on the label in 1995. Most recently, she had a pair of local club hits in a row with “Smoking Gun,” a remix of the Jadakiss song, last year, as well as this year’s “My Boy,” a collaboration with R&B singer and newly signed Jive Records artist Kourtney Heart.

Rest In Peace.


Droid & iPhone Top Windows 7 Phone 100 to 1

Mobile ad network Chitika says add impressions for Windows Phone 7 devices are being beaten out by Android devices and iPhones by more than 100 to 1.


The Windows Phone 7 technology has only recently launched (see
THIS ARTICLE) and it takes time for a platform like this to build up momentum in the marketplace…but Windows Phone 7 seems to have been struggling to find customers.


Reports from mobile ad network Chitika don’t seem to bode well. According to Chitika, for every one ad impression it sees from a Windows Phone 7 device, it sees 110 impressions from Android-powered devices and 172 impressions from iPhones. That might not be startling for a platform that’s only just hit the streets, but Chitika notes that those numbers have been “relatively stable” over the last three weeks—meaning during the height of the holiday buying season, they aren’t seeing any significant uptick in impressions from Windows Phone 7 devices.

The figures are based on a sample of nearly 32 million ad impressions across Chitika’s mobile ad network from November 23 through December 13, 2010.


Chitika’s numbers—with Windows Phone 7 not even cracking one half of one percent of the iPhone and Android’s combined ad impressions—seems to jive with recent industry assessments. Microsoft Windows Phone Program head Joe Belfiore admitted at the D: Dive Into Mobile event that Windows Phone 7 will take years to catch up to competing platforms, and an analyst with investment firm Goldman Sachs recently forecast Microsoft won’t get to even a 10 percent market share in 2011.

Where Window Phone 7 messed up: Cost. Design and Timing.

I would have lowered the phone's retail price, completely changed the design (maybe adopting a concept idea), and I would have let the Droid and the iPhone have this holiday season...setting my release for the Windows Phone 7 for 2011.

Just my thoughts though...


Video: Car Hits & Runs Over Children

This is crazy...and why don't we get a chance to see the bastard that did it???

#BigUps DJ Vlad and Vladtv.com


Video: Dirty Money on Chelsey Lately


G Note Records???

50 Cent is prepared to "get more bread" with his new record label, G Note Records, with recording artist, Hot Rod as it’s flagship.

50 made the announcement late last week on Twitter saying that Hot Rod, who signed to G-Unit in 2006, was going to “do his numbers, watch”

"G Note Records" sounds like a cheesy movie title about G-Unit...Master P movie type shit. Good luck with that 50.


Video: Limitless [Movie Trailer]

One day during a lunchtime mission, I bumped right into a hyper ass paparazzi dude. Then I looked up and found, he wasn't the only one out there flashing and being overly aggressive...

There was a whole movie crew, big trucks, crazy vendors, Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro.

If you know me, or any guy actually, you know to me, to us, Robert DeNiro is one of the best to do this acting thing and ranks on my all-time favorite actor list. Then there's Bradley Cooper who is making a name for himself on the list as well...although he has a few more roles to kill. This one might do it for him...

I'm there.