Sunday, August 28, 2011

Is Beyonce Actually Pregnant?

During the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet segment, Beyonce claimed that she and rapper hubby, Jay-Z were expecting. The singer was recently photographed holding her stomach during a performance as well as on the red carpet. The initial photograph once again created chatter on whether or not, she was pregnant. Since the singer is known for being fiercely private about her personal life, one can only wonder if this is a well rehearsed publicity stunt or the actual truth. If she is in fact pregnant, huge congratulations are in order. If she is not expecting…..then way to give her fans false hope. I suppose only time will tell.

Update: Well, time did not take very long to reveal the truth. After the singer's VMA performance, she unbuttoned her jacket and revealed her baby bump! The cameraman then panned to Jay-Z and Kanye West. Both rappers looked extremely excited and happy. Although, I would hope Kanye did not have anything to do with actual creation process (just kidding). No word on the anticipated due date.

Bones (@BonesHR) At Club Tierra [Video]

I'm trying to hit the club with these guys…because they're cool. That's what it seems anyway…right after the jump!!!


Exclusive Lil Wayne Carter IV BONUS Tracks [Audio/Download]

I stumbled across these two snippets that are to be featured on two different versions of Lil Wayne's upcoming album…you should be able to find one on a Target exclusive ad the other on an iTunes exclusive. Get both the snippets RIGHT HERE on…exclusive!

So, yeah…
Carter IV coming sooner.


New Music: Justin Bieber - "Trust Issues (Cover)" [Download]

I like the move Bieb! It's solid…and young dude can sing.


Drake Speaks On Wayne's Jay-Z Diss [Video]

Way to be democratic Drizzy…I see politics in your future.

Wait, what's the political scene in Toronto? Free for all, right? After the JUMP!

New Music: Mya - "Earthquake" (Feat. Trina) [Download]

I think Mya is hot, and I know this track is perfect timing. Now, how long is it going to take one of these rappers to drop and "Irene" track?