Monday, February 7, 2011

Milton Street to run for Mayor of Philadelphia

During my normal commute to the office I was shocked to see Milton Street on the front page of the Philadelphia Metro. Naturally I wanted to see what type of non-sense he was involved in now, considering his long history of antics, outburst and insane-like behavior. The last I heard of Mr. Street concerned his failed business at the airport and also his 30 month sentence for tax fraud. I was unprepared for the audacity of his attempt at gaining the necessary 5000 signatures required to run for mayor! Yes, you read that right, Mayor or Philadelphia. Now I believe Milton Street sincerely believes he has a shot at beating Michael Nutter for the Democratic Mayoral bid but hey I still think if given an opportunity I could make an NBA team. Both are far-fetched, but Mr. Street's attempt at becoming the next mayor is ridiculous to the point of being offensive. Milton Street please spare us your latest addition to America's funniest videos as we have more than enough entertainment from fake reality TV shows. I know its tough being an out of work, convicted criminal but enough is really enough. Now if an unbelievable miracle occurred and Milton Street became mayor; his inauguration would be in 2012. This means he would have fulfilled his release requirement and would no longer be on parole. Yes, he's running for mayor while on parole, having been released from a half-way 3 months ago. It appears Mr. Street left his good senses inside the walls of the federal prison he was housed. His candidacy is just a distraction from actual important issues. C'mon son!