Wednesday, May 4, 2011

VIDEO: A Woman Sues Cap'n Crunch, Says They TRICKED Her!!!

MUST SEE: F*ck You Cap'n Crunch (Funny)

KICK GAME: KOBE ZOOM VI "Purple Gradient" Release TOMORROW

The Kobe Zoom VI "Purple Gradient" is releasing tomorrow at select Nike retailers. You may also be able to find them launching at midnight on select websites. I posted an article about the release last month. This is just a reminder post. For more pics and details of the Kobe's from the previous post click this link --> CLICK HERE


Video: Nicole Scherzinger - 'Right There' (Feat. 50 Cent)

Pronounced: SHER. ZING. HER. I think...LOL.


The bin Laden Body You've Been Looking For?

So, we know Osama bin Laden is dead right? Or do we? There have been many debates over this very issue over the past few days. Most are so curious, they yearn to see a body! How crazy is that?!

Several reports have surfaced stating bin Laden was shot in the left eye by U.S. forces inside an Abbottabad mansion.

Above is a FAKE photo of an Osama Bin Laden corpse. The, what I have to believe is a "doctored," photo features a night vision rendition and a U.S. military officer smiling over the remains.

How do we react to this?


NBA Playoffs 2011: Memphis Grizzlies Vs Oklahoma City Thunder Game 2 Highlights


@Myke_Kewl - #KewlestWinterEver

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