Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"09.08.2012" [Trailer / Video Ad]

Well, that was pretty cool, right? See y'all there.


Clint Coley (@ClintColey) #StandAndDeliver [Co-Sign Trailer]

This shouldn't be news to you. Not you, you faithful audience member, you! 

Philadelphia's own, Clint Coley will be conducting his first televised stand up comedy special on Saturday, September 22nd at University of Pennsylvania's legendary Irvine Theater. You can grab tickets HERE, if you don't already have some. Oh yeah, my guy has some pretty HEAVY co-signs. Check out the trailer below. See you all there...


Julian Castro's 2012 Democratic National Convention Keynote [Full Video]

Mark my words family, (unless he gets pinned for some doing something really, REALLY stupid) Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio, TX is the future of the United States of America. Last night, I caught a glimpse of that same charisma, knowledge and courageous demeanor in him, a younger Barack Obama possessed a few years ago. But we'll see... Keep your eyes on him.


Michelle Obama's 2012 Democratic National Convention Speech [Full Video]

Just in case you missed First Lady Michelle Obama deliver her speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. last night...and you're wondering why she's all the buzz?