Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Video: She's On Fire!

I was so not expecting this to happen! LOL! Kevin Hart straight drew…Hilarious!


Grounded: Willow Smith

Little Miss "Whip My Hair," Willow Smith, may have let this sudden burst of fame get to her head. Her very well-known parents ordered shorty to avoid social networking sites; you know the regulars - MySpace, Facebook, Twitter...

Apparently, she was caught creating a personal MySpace page.

Now, if my mom starred in "two Matrix films" and my dad "was 6'4" 220lbs"...and mastered his Ali role...I probably wouldn't go against their ground rules. However, kids will be kids. But dig this, Jada Pinkett understands that...

Although Mrs. Smith admits she was extremely disappointed when the Willow set up a personal page on MySpace, she allowed Willow to pick her own punishment.

The actress tells Britain's Style magazine, "I told her not to, so I was so mad. I said, 'What do you think I should do now?' So Willow said, 'Mom, take my computer away'. And I said, 'How long for?' She said a month.

See you in a month Willow! Should I say Merry Christmas & Happy New Year now?


About This HIV Cure...

Timothy Ray Brown, an HIV-positive American currently residing in Germany, had been diagnosed with leukemia. While undergoing chemotherapy, he received a transplant of stem cells from a donor carrying an extremely RARE, inherited gene mutation. This RARE gene is believed to make carriers virtually immune to the fatal HIV infection.

While the successful transplant appeared to wipe out both diseases, giving hope to not only doctors, but patients, victims, and the general public, the procedure's primary physician, Dr. Anthony Fauci, also the director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who has been studying HIV/AIDS for almost 30 years, said "while this is an interesting proof of concept, it’s absurdly impractical."

Fauci also mentioned, while this patient is “functionally cured” this is not something you can do with every HIV-infected individual, in addition, Fauci also added to the fact that this transplant process is not only expensive, it’s incredibly painful and complicated, and requires the patient to start a whole new regimen of drugs. want to know why I stressed the word "RARE?" Here is an interesting statistic about the cell transplant, after locating a compatible donor:

Defect is only found in:

  • 1% of the Caucasian population
  • 0% percent of the African American population

If that isn't RARE at it's most RARE point...I'm not sure what is. Keep this in mind, just when you thought is was ok to go in, uncovered.


Big Chips: Bellagio Robbery

The Las Vegas Police department is on the hunt for an armed male who they report stole, at minimum, $1.5 million from the Las Vegas' Bellagio casino last night (or early this morning rather, around 3:50am) in chips, then jumped on his motorcycle and made a quick getaway...

Are you serious?!

Las Vegas police said a man wearing a leather jacket and a white motorcycle helmet parked his motorcycle in the valet section of the luxury hotel and casino, walked up to a craps table and drew a gun before clearing the table of chips.

So I guess, everybody just stood there and watched?

They watched enough to determine, after reviewing surveillance tapes, the suspect is a white male, about 5 feet, 10 inches tall and weighing about 220 pounds. Authorities also believe he is the same suspect wanted in the Dec. 9 robbery of the Suncoast casino in Las Vegas.

Somebody call Danny Ocean...let him know there's competition out here.