Thursday, December 23, 2010

Young Chris: "I'm Good."

Last night Young Chris collapsed while performing at S.O.B’s. But you knew that already…unless of course you've completely cut yourself off all social networking sites. He endured a seizure and was rushed to a hospital. He's "good" now though. Check the letter he wrote to his fans.

Sidebar: I like the letter move, and his following might be bigger than it was, when him and Neef's "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" was nominated for a Grammy. Keep it up. #BigUps Rico Love and Division 1.

Dear Fans,

I am overwhelmed with the love and support I have been getting from family, friends and fans. I simply over worked myself. As I chase down success I have to take care of myself better while I am chasing my dream. I’m getting rest now and going to work towards having a better balance between work and health. Thank you to all those who were involved in helping and thank you to all the media for giving me priceless respect. I truly appreciate it. Your prayers are heard, Trust me. Love you all.

Young Chris
aka Christopher Ries


Kamar Jorden named to 1st Team ALL-MAC Squad (update)

Bowling Green wideout Kamar Jorden was named to the first team All-Mac conference. In his junior year; first year playing Division I-A FBS football Jorden was a standout. Leading the Nation in receptions, and remaining in the top 5 in yards for a number of weeks. Jorden finished the season with 96 catches, 1109 yards, and 4 touchdowns.

Kamar a local from the Philadelphia area, attended Penn Wood High School in Lansdowne, PA.

this is an update from an earlier article posted a few months back. Keep an eye out for KJ.

-Yo KJ big ups bro, n congrats on your success. Keep it up!


Terrelle Pryor suspended 5 games for NCAA Violations

Terrelle Pryor and four other Ohio State Buckeyes are suspended for violating NCAA Rules. The players sold various athletic merchandise for money and exchange for tattoos. Besides Pryor, running back Daniel Herron, wide receiver DeVier Posey, offensive lineman Mike Adams and defensive end Solomon Thomas also face suspension. The players also must repay $1,000 to $2,500 charity for the money received for the merchandise sold.

The merchandise that was sold consists of championship rings, jerseys, trophies, and rewards. Pryor sold his 2008 Fiesta Bowl Championship ring. The players are not suspended for the upcoming Sugar Bowl matchup against Arkansas. The suspensions will take place the first five games of next season.

Here's a link to the full article from CBS Sports.

Carmelo's Sister Dies

Carmelo Anthony missed the Nuggets last game, and is not expected to return until after Christmas. Melo has been playing through injuries, not to mention his trade rumors, but this has nothing to do with his recent absence.

Anthony's sister died from a undisclosed condition she has been suffering from. She leaves behind 4 children.

This brings us down to earth; making us realize there are more important things in NBA players lives than basketball.

RIP and prayers to his family.