Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chris Paul To LA Clippers!

The Hornets have agreed in principle to deal CP3 to the Los Angeles Clippers for guard Eric Gordon, forward Al-Farouq Aminu, center Chris Kaman and a first-round draft pick. Of course, "according to sources." *in my Chris Brussard* voice...

Happiness. by MisInterpret (@untypicalHER)

Let's get right into this...

by MisInterpret

Stretch your arms out to the sky, curled fingers, no hand to fill the spaces
to write love on one's arm
you expect many lessons.

You cry tears, you worship him, you are filled with joy for the moment,
but then you crawl back into the place where you once was lost
surrounded by devil's advocates and angels suffering from blasphemy
this isn't a place where you find yourself happy.

Dante's inferno, it suited the inside of your spirit
burned like ecstasy, you reach out for your soul
somehow, it seems to sneak away like children hungry for mother's milk
but it's all dried up.

Happiness, everyone seems to suckle away this joy you crave.

When we was younger, we was taught to "reach" for a mother's love
turned away when they said we was too "big" to be carried,
who said God had a weight limit on picking his children up when they have fallen.

we only stay down when the ground gets comfortable...

I have yet to accept it that until I stop searching, my joy will be limited.
spirits diminished.

I am weak with an unconditional amount of ignorance
because I was never taught that God is my only source of judgment.

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The Lucky Guy.

December 14th. The moment is incomparable. This is that epoch. For me. Right now. Right here. I am the lucky guy who is allowed to enjoy this very moment, every year. This day in all actuality, is not MY day. It belongs to the most...

Selfless. Beautiful. Relentless.

person pair I know. Unconditional love is what she they provided for me, since day one. Day one. There are not too many I can vouch for in that lane. This space. This day. This love I have. *turns on auto tune* "Is All For You." *in my Janet Jackson voice*

Happy Birthday LADY.

...and to think there exists - on this place called Earth - a carbon copy, just as selfless, just as beautiful, and just as relentless.

Happy Birthday Money.

I love you both, more than these words can express, or this space can hold.


@SimoneBattle (of #XFactor) - "Santa Baby" [Video] (Dir. by @MilanKCarter)

Who doesn't remember X-Factor's own, Simone Battle?! She rocked during the competition, and her exit was one for the books! Ha! Google it!

But either way, she's back for the holiday season, performing the classic "Santa Baby."

1/3 of the Triangle Offense behind the lens...Milan K. Carter