Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"Everybody Eats B!!!" T-Shirt by @ClintColey (via @Uristocrat)

You all know is a huge supporter of upcoming, scorching comedian out of Philadelphia, Clint Coley. And we're fortunate enough for that to be a mutuality. With that, he has partnered up with fellow Philadelphia-based site, to distribute his brand new line of tee shirts, ever so subtly highlighting the mantra he lives by...

This article is a wrap, so feel free to GO COP ONE or FIFTEEN.


New Music: @NewzHuddle - "Top 5 Freestyle" [Download]

Newz Huddle drops the Top 5 Freestyle. It gets pretty real inside these bars. Listen closely. Get reloaded...


For The Desk Jobbers: Kevin Hart's I'm A Grown Little Man [Full Standup]

Ok, I admit: I definitely get bored at work sometimes. Desk jobs usually suck. The secret is out. I often find myself searching for ways to past time. Possibly speed it up....

With that said, I found this. And I wanted to share my excitement with all of Team SCREAM @ ME!!! Go ahead, laugh out loud and forget what time it is. I've also included the link to the unemployment application (kidding)...AFTER THE JUMP!!!

Think Like A Man [Movie Review]

Steve Harvey, I don't want you to think just because I'm about to big your movie up, we're all good. That's not it. I think you can sometimes be a semi-sexist generalist.  Does that make sense?

But, you don't hear me though.

After leading the box office two weeks straight ($33.6M after two), and closing out a third week with box office revenue totaling $73.14M, I'd go ahead and say, Team Steve Harvey and the good friends at the Sony Corporation movie studio did a solid job maximizing this film's potential thus far. Of course, there will still be DVD/BluRay, 4th week, and some lingering book sale push, but all efforts exerted up to this point, lead me to believe or expect nothing short of 100%.

This elucidation of Harvey's "self-help" relationship counsel publication Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man focuses on a group of six male friends who convene regularly on the hardwood (in addition to a local, familiar bar) and are simultaneously experiencing their respective issues with women. The film categorizes each character, to serve as a representative or ambassador of sorts. Jeremy (Jerry Ferrara probably better known as "Turtle" via the HBO hit-series, Entourage) represents the non-committal, habit-obsessive group. His career is stagnant and he is more than reluctant to propose to his "go-with-the-flow" companion - of 9 years - in, Kristen, played by Gabrielle Union. Michael, played by 106th & Park co-host, Terrence J, represents the notorious "momma's boy," who struggles with moving forward in his personal relationship with Candace, played by Regina Hall. Zeke (Romany Malco; see: The 40-Year-Old Virgin, or that horrible recollection of MC Hammer's story) plays. Nope, that's not a typo. Malco's character represents the playboy group. He is a former musician-turned-businessman who has perfected the gift of gab when it comes to the gift women have to offer. But for him, long-term is too long. His interest, Mya, is played by the sexy Meagan Good...and Mya's "short-term" days are over. Takers', Michael Ealy plays Dominic. The talented chef, who's wishy-washy career goals are short lived. As you could probably imagine, that didn't quite fair well with his Homecoming Queen of Ball So Hard University-interest, Lauren, played by Taraji Henson. Cedric played by the scene-stealing, Kevin Hart, makes the film. With comic relief as this personality's foundation, we are introduced to him being a mere 4 weeks away from his longed-for divorce from Gail, his ex-wife, played by ... nah, I won't spoil that for you. The sixth and airtime reserved friend, Bennett portrayed by Gary Owen, is the only one in a functioning relationship. Representing the happily married group, I found it interesting (to say the least) that we didn't see much of him at all. Bennett catches constant heat from the crew for his behavior, race, and well, quite frankly for being happily married.

Film director, Tim Story (see: Barbershop, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and Kevin Hart's Laugh At My Pain), does a superb job depicting each character and almost forcing you to "take your pick." The story has a unique way of making you gravitate toward the background or thought process of a character. You will find yourself finding or wanting to find, a way to relate. Think Like A Man was definitely worth the trip and it totally deserving of the warm reception. If you haven't, go see it.

For those who need more convincing...