Thursday, March 22, 2012

Meek Mill - "Lean Wit It" [Video]

Meek Milly is back on the bikes he grew up on... Check out the latest visual from MMG's Youngest in Charge.

Dreamchasers Volume 2 coming soon.


Wale + Al Lindstrom [Video]

Let's sit down with Maybach Music Group's own, Wale as he chops it up with Al Lindstrom. They discuss a variety of topics, including Ambition, Def Jam's new Capo, and XXL's Freshmen Cover.


Apple's Siri Gets Better...With Some Yelp.

No. That was not a typo.

Last week, Steve Job's minions launched iOS 5.1. With the upgrade, Apple added some serious Yelp integration for every one's new favorite voice, Siri. The business information Yelp provides online has previously appeared in Siri's search results, displaying a basic rating. Once you made the decision to select the options Siri collected, your iPhone 4S would automatically launch its Google Maps feature, a la your GPS.

With iOS 5.1, you can expect to launch the business's profile page with an option to Map to the business, read reviews and ratings, hours of operation, etc. This helps making those tough decisions, a little bit easier.



President Obama's Heavy Social Networking Presence

President Obama made history back in 2008. Yes, that history, but he was able to rewrite another page in the books as well. Online campaigning. Back in 2008, Team Obama completely transformed the concept of digital campaigning. Here we are, four years later, experiencing yet another transformation.

According to a recent Nielsen analysis, President Barack Obama’s effort tallied in more unique voting-age visitors than the four remaining Republican candidates’ sites combined throughout January 2012. Overall, the President's site received 4.2 million unique visitors, ages 18+ during the month...

I would go ahead and say that this is a pretty drastic difference. In regard to the more specific demographic...

These GOP - Grand Old Party - candidates (Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul) are being just that...OLD. If they would to stand a chance in this upcoming election, they would focus more on the "new." Tap into these various social networks. There are literally, hundreds of outlets to utilize to build social awareness and candidate charisma. Those are all the tips I feel like giving away for free today though.