Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ace Hood - Hustle Hard [RMX] ft. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne

Check this one out by Ace Hood, Rick Ross & Wayne...

Ace Hood - Hustle Hard [REMIX] (Feat Rick Ross Lil Wayne)-( +Tags) by http://soundcloud.com/jp3theceo


Diddy x The Source Magazine

Hits newsstands Tuesday, January 25th...go get it.


SNEAKERHEADS: Kobe Zoom VI "Sunset"

The Kobe Zoom VI is being released in another colorway called "Sunset." Its a unique Orange blend. These are expected to release next month around all-star weekend.

The System

So this is how it works where I'm from: You and a group of "like-minded" individuals come together to form a clothing line, mysterious social political cause, or even the infamous "record label;" all of these, destined to essentially become party promoting conglomerates. You get on Twitter and Facebook...some even still do the Myspace thing...and announce this new venture to THE, wait, I mean YOUR world. A few people will notice, fewer will actually care. You don't initially spark the level of interest you were hoping for, but that's ok at first...because you're going to kill them later with your innovative event planning skills and charismatic marketing approach. Not to mention, you "know" a lot of people...

You and your group will conduct brainstorming sessions and social gatherings to throw ideas around, some of them will entice you enough to see to it that it does indeed go through...some will never see the light of day, that is until "the competition" drafts and effectively executes a similar idea. And when that happens, you will scurry back to the drawing board to make that once ignored idea, a reality...for "first" or "better" bragging rights and nothing else. LoL.

Granted this may sound like a rant, it's the honest to GOD truth. I'm from Southwest Philadelphia, and in my city, this is how the social cookie crumbles. It may sound like the move, or exciting at first glance...(and I despise cliches) but Read. Between. The. Lines. It ain't the wave you might be thinking it is...

The "system," I explained, can cause major problems. And 9/10...it DOES. There will be cliques formed, false claims of exclusivity, lack of creativity, and regional deprivation at best! You'll have these young, inexperienced nobodies, thinking they're really somebodies...uh, planning events (I guess...that's the term they use), who encounter difficulties planning a trip to the bathroom, let alone an event in a venue designed to hold 20 people and set out to sell 6000 tickets. No bullshit though.

The extremely sad segment to this overall picture is, when I note the word "young," I'm not referring to age per se. Nah, because age doesn't mean much these days...I'm pretty much speaking in terms of maturity level, thought process, and experience. These are the lacking areas. These are the areas that all but guarantee success...in any endeavor. And to lack those, and think you be killin em? That's when I get scared. No, better yet, I'm terrified. We're leaving idiots in charge of our future. Literally, fukcing entrepreneurship up. What's even worse? The ol'heads that have accomplished their share, are co-signing, like what's going on out here is right. Yeah, I'm scared.

Don't get this post wrong. I respect all honest hustles. What I don't respect though is...this whack ass pursuit of "shutting the city down." You are all hurting. Not me. I don't go to these events much, for this very reason. Not your "following." But more or less, yourselves. This nut ass system only works in practice, but I guess that's the extent of your capability. Practice.

Keep up the good work!


Video: Bow Wow & Soulja Boy - Get Money

Bow Wow and Soulja Boy get money...and they make that clear in this collab.



What Are You Doing: Kevin Hart's Ex-Wife?!

So, I'm not sure how to feel about this...is she supposed to be funny, bitter, or just JOE as shit?

Good luck with whatever it is you're pursuing...


Video: 50 Cent on 'Watch The Throne'

Way to be diplomatic 50! Very professional...I'm afraid now though. Dude's never this quiet.