Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lakers To Sign Gilbert Arenas?

With the Lakers obviously needing an addition at the PG position. Sources say they are interested in signing free agent, Gilbert Arenas.
The Lakers starting PG is 37 years old (Fisher), Steve Blake is injured and may miss a few weeks, and rookie PG are at times hot and cold, but inexperienced.
Sources say the Lakers have scheduled a workout, and interview with Agent Zero. Concerned of his old habits, and off the court issues? Yea so are the Lakers, but this may be the perfect place to start over for Arenas. With veteran Kobe Bryant being a commanding leader for thes Lakers, long with veterans like Fisher this may be an ok experiment.
I don't expect an all star caliber Arenas, but the fact that teams lack interest in him, may be motivation for him to rejuvenate what could be his last chance in the NBA. We'll see.