Friday, February 1, 2013

Wake Up With The Breakfast Club: Black Ink Crew [Video]

Vh1's Black Ink Crew stopped by the infamous Breakfast Club. They discuss baby mom drama, "relationships" in the shop, and firing employees. Very random. Very ratchet. I know you'll like it...


Brunch With Kev Carr [Video]

Check out the big homie Kevin Carr in his new short relationship advice segment, "Brunch with Kevin Carr" is set to cover Kevin Carr's "Brunch With Kev Carr" segment every Friday. Ladies, press play. Weigh in. Leave your comments in the c-section.


Combat Jack x Pusha T [Audio Interview]

The Combat Jack Show crew got a hold of King Push. Neither party ever disappoints...

Combat Jack and Crew x Pusha T


Al Lindstrom x Brian "B. Dot" Miller [Video Interview]

Brian "B. Dot" Miller of sat down with and they chopped it up about a few things. His professional progression, envy, his relationship with Elliot "YN" Wilson and Ebro Darden of Hot 97.

Because of his views, he's not the most popular guy in the room...but he's going to tell you exactly what it is, or at least what he thinks it is. Press play. Word to Alex.

This week we talk to Rap Radar’s own Brian “B. Dot” Miller. We discuss his stance against “culture tourists”, the creation of Rap Radar, and his plans after the site. We also ask if we should start to consider him “Hip-hop’s Bill O’Reily”.