Friday, September 21, 2012

X-Factor: The Other Woman

Probably not what you’re thinking. I just have a question.

That is usually how these posts and/or write-ups start, right? With a question, usually posed to the general public, with the poser hoping to gain new knowledge or insight on the topic… The potential feedback always excites me.  This question though, is specifically geared toward the female members of the audience. Those faithful and unfaithful (we saw your tweet about that other site!); if you have an opinion, we would like to hear back from you.

Here goes nothing…and everything…

Big K.R.I.T. x The Breakfast Club [Interview Video]

K.R.I.T. sat down with Power 105's Breakfast Club yesterday. K.R.I.T. is a pretty cool dude. Even this club couldn't rattle my guy. Let's learn how to spell "MISSISSIPPI."

Live From The Underground out now.

Word to Def Jam.


The Breakfast Club Interview with Eva Marcille Pigford [Video]

Eva Marcille Pigford showed the Breakfast Club trio some love yesterday. The topics of discussion? Present and past relationships, her new television show, "Girlfriend Confidential," and Tyler Perry?

Wake Up With The Breakfast Club and!


T.I. x The Breakfast Club [Video Interview]

So, this is one of several Breakfast Club interviews we'll be posting this morning. The KING showed up and chopped it up with the crew about his current label situation, upcoming album, and having a career in Hip-Hop.

Trouble Man, December 18th.