Friday, August 19, 2011

Kick Game: Nike SB Blazer Mid "A Tribe Called Quest"

Can you say heat? These are fire…to me. And you. This classic shoe was inspired by a classic album in A Tribe Called Quest's
The Low End Theory. Nike hits us with a local shop exclusive. The shoe features a suede upper, red and green hints all over, sitting on top of crispy white soles. Check more shots after the jump…

How To Make It In America [Trailer]

Who's ready? October's own…

Talib Kweli - "Uh Oh" Feat. Jean Grae [Video]

Talib Kweli and Jean Grae link on the latest visual presentation their new motion picture. Gutter Rainbows in stores now…go get it.

Check Out Who Burger King Fired...

Have it your way America!

Burger King has decided to put less emphasis on it's marketing tactics and let their product speak the loudest…and on behalf of the BK brand.

For years, Burger King had placed its bets on edgy commercials by creative powerhouse Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Setting its target market at men, in the teenage years and early 20s.

The commercials rocked and received critical acclaim from the marketing and promotions sector. The real marketing and promotions sector, not the Philadelphia party promoter scene…damn, my bad y'all. Unfortunately, however, Burger King can't turn those ads into dollars. According to consulting firm Technomic, Burger King's same-store sales declined 6% in the first quarter; compare that to a 3% rise for Mc Donald's, its arch nemesis in the fast food industry.

"Under new ownership and with a new management and marketing team, Burger King is focusing on what matters: updating the stores, fixing its food and changing its image." Sounds like a solid plan! I guess it starts with letting go of the face of the organization. People don't just want cool commercials, they want good, FAST food.

Whether the new burger will catch on remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: the marketing campaign will give it a shot at success. Without the king!

Off with his head.



BOA is DOA: 3500 Jobs Cut

The nation's largest bank, Bank of America, plans to cut 3,500 jobs by September 30th. Sounds like a ton of jobs right? Well, it is, but shockingly, or not so much, the cuts amount to just over a whopping 1 percent of the bank's workforce...making that total roughly 288,000.

This set of layoffs follow a string of other layoffs, including 2,500 already announced earlier this, it's looking and probably feeling like Death Row over there.

Bank spokesman, Scott Silvestri, stated "The company regularly assesses the efficiency of its businesses and at times is going to make adjustments to meet the opportunities that are in the marketplace." Sounds about right though...what high functioning, financially-stable organization wouldn't? SHOTS!

Bank of America is in a vulnerable space right now partly due to its fast expansion during the height of the financial crisis. SEE: Countrywide Financial Corp., a California-based lender it bought in the summer of 2008.

Brian Moynihan, Bank of America's Chief Executive for approximately year and a half, is slimming down the bank after his predecessors' years of empire building. He's been cutting expenses, closing branches and selling off assets to build capital. The bank's announcement Monday that it would sell international credit-card units sent the shares soaring 8 percent. The bank points out that its capital levels are high and its default rates are lower.

The bank has lost money in three of the six quarters since Moynihan became CEO, including an $8.8 billion loss in the second quarter as it said aside money for potential claims from mortgage securities investors. Moynihan has been telling shareholders and employees that the bank is in the middle of a transformation that might be painful now but will stabilize it long-term. Sounds strangely familiar.



@BiancaGolden's #ANTM All Stars Promo [Video]

Check out my homie's America's Next Top Model: All-Stars promo. "It's out, and she's hiding." Make sure y'all tune in Wednesday, September 14th on the CW.


New Music: @Wale - "Sugar Hill (Freestyle)" #ElevenOneEleven [Download]

Ok, dude is working harder than anybody in the industry right much so, we're running out of pictures to post with this dude's new sh!t.


Beyonce: Inside 4 Intimate Nights (BTS1) [Video]

Check this behind the scenes look at Bey’s 4 Intimate Nights at NYC’s historic Roseland Ballroom. The last show is scheduled for tonight...who's going?

New Music: @theweekndxo - 'Thursday' [Mixtape Download]

Go download this new music from The Weeknd...cheers it's friday!