Thursday, November 24, 2011

Drake x(o) The Weeknd - "The Ride"

Michael Jordan VS Spike Lee "Air Jordan 3 Black Cement Ad"

MJ vs MARS for the Black Cements....CLASSIC!!!

Perfect for the Black Friday Release...good luck

Air Jordan 3 Black/Cement *RELEASE REMINDER*

If you don't know by now, then you probably don't plan on getting the Black Cement 3s. But this is just a friendly reminder that they release today! Most malls open around 5am so if you plan on getting them...BE THERE. And check with your local sneaker stores to be sure they are available. GOOD LUCK.

Available in full size runs from Toddler-Men's
Retail: $150

The Vow *Trailer*

Ladies, here is another LOVE story that you probably will fall in love with, and raise your expectations of your "HIM" or "HIM TO BE" lol.

Fellas, get ready to go see this with your girl Valentines day..or prepare for another dude to take her CUZ SHE'S GOING lol.

RELEASE: 02/10/12

"From the makers of THE NOTEBOOK"

Snow White and the Huntsman *Trailer*

Snow White? This can't be Snow White the Disney character. That's what I thought when I saw this trailer. Why? Because I was actually interested, and thought to myself "This might be good" and then I saw the "SNOW WHITE" title at the end. Nevertheless I think I'll be seeing this.

ALSO: This movie is starring Kristen Stewart, famous for her role as Bella Swann in the Twilight saga. Looks like Twilight has landed her a major role, and hopefully more to come.

"Brotherly Love" Teaser *Starring Ving Rhames & Gillie Da Kid*

A Gill Smith production....coming soon

Philly, show love and support this film!

G Street Chronicles Presents: "Gangsta Girl" (Part 1-3)

Part 1
Silk learned the game from her man, Sherm, who is serving a life sentence. He ran down the robbery game to her but enforced LEAVE NO WITNESSES. Her actions have confused things in the streets—the wrong people are being accused for what she's done.
Now ready to retire her pistol, Sherm tells Silk he needs a large sum of money to get out of prison. Will she make it through this final lick?

Part 2
Silk was determined to get the money she needed to free Sherm. After going on the big lick that she felt would set her straight, she was hit with a surprise. Her deadly secret would be uncovered, would cause her to lose a loved one and she’d be on the run. Almost out of time, Silk gets desperate and goes against the rules of the game. When Sherm finds out about her indiscretion, she’s all alone, making one bad decision after another. Now, what she thought may be her way out, may be her demise!!

Part 3
Silk’s situation can’t get much worse. She no longer has the man she loves who introduced her to the game, she’s being hunted by one of the deadliest cliques and her hit list keeps growing. Can she take down everyone who stands in her way? Will she ever find her way out of this lifestyle? Or, will her past come back and challenge her face-to-face for the last time?