Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Blueprint: Hublot [Episode 1]

Some Cool, Expensive ass watches, right? In my head, this only makes sense. Jay-Z's Life + Times presents, The Blueprint: Hublot.

The Blueprint is focused on capturing the spirit of intricate craftsmanship and rich culture inherent to the world's most recognizable brands. On this premiere episode, JAY Z's Life+Times takes a look at the Swiss watch brand Hublot and finds out how they've pioneered the watch making process over the last three decades.

The Truth With Elliott Wilson: Has Ludacris Lost His Way? (@ElliotWilson) [Video]

LUDA! Your mother's favorite rapper may have. I think Luda still has that lingering flame. Done? Never. No such thing in Hip-Hop. We crave the comeback kid. We idolize the character. Luda is also very interested in getting money. Yes, Hollywood is a different kind of money. I will admit though, right now, he's struggling. And Elliot Wilson weighs in AFTER THE JUMP...

MTV's This Is How I Made It: Tyler Posey + Meek Mill [FULL Episode 4]

The wheels continue to spin for MTV and their This Is How I Made It series. This fourth episode features American Actor, Tyler Posey and Philadelphia's own Meek Mill. They're both on fire. Catch up. Start here.

Wake Up With The Breakfast Club: Swizz Beatz

Photo Courtesy HipHopWired
Swizz Beatz stopped by Power 105's Breakfast Club. The man with 1000 hats and jobs discussed...well, more jobs. He's now the Global Ambassador of New York City's Health and Hospitals... Mmmm Hmmm... They also discussed his tax situation, word to TMZ. Interview AFTER THE JUMP...