Friday, July 8, 2011

Kobe 360 Dunk @ Summer Camp

I'm not posting this because this is the most amazing dunk Kobe has given us during his career. I'm posting it because just last month Kobe Bryant underwent an "experimental" plasma therapy knee operation. Kobe at this age undergoing knee surgery is pretty serious. So the fact that he is pulling this dunk off, just one month later is impressive to me. #ThatIsAll

Kobe Bryant is listening to Overseas Offers!

Much talk has been swirling around about NBA players potentially playing overseas due to the NBA lockout. Well NBA superstar Deron Williams took the first step, stating that if the lockout continues through the fall that he will play for Besiktas of Istanbul.

After this news broke out the Besiktas coach Ergin Ataman publicly stated that the next player they were after was Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe has not confirmed that he will play overseas like Williams, but sources say that his "Camp" says he is willing to listen to offers.

I wouldn't be surprised if Kobe did play overseas. Kobe spent much of his childhood in Italy and is familiar with the European lifestyle. Kobe did just undergo an experimental knee operation this summer. So maybe he wants to test it out. Personally, I feel both ways, I think Kobe should take this time to rest his body, he's made deep post season runs the past few years and has played Olympic basketball. Maybe his body could use the rest. But I also feel like no other player knows their body the way he does, he plays with numerous injuries; knees, broken fingers, etc. Maybe rest could hurt the knee if he doesn't work out or exercise it. But nobody knows but Kobe so we'll see what happens.

EXTRA INFO: Deron Williams deal is said to be worth $5 million guaranteed and he can leave whenever the lockout is over. Also the team is not paying his salary, one of the team's sponsors is. Kobe signed an endorsement deal last year with a Turkish Airline; maybe they will have a part in providing his salary if he does decide to play....hmmm like I said previously we'll see.

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