Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Disney Not A Big Jack Sparrow Fan?

So, apparently the former Disney Chief Executive, Michael Eisner, wasn't a big fan of Johnny Depp's portrayal of Pirates of the Caribbean's main character, Jack Sparrow. Depp based the character off notorious Rolling Stones guitarist, Keith Richards.

With a fourth installment due out 2011, there sure has been a little too much turmoil for comfort in the multi-billion dollar earning franchise. The breakdown:

  1. Dick Cook, Chairman of Walt Disney Studios, resigned last year. He's the one who convinced Depp to continue to play Sparrow, post mixed reviews after the first release. Some believed he was forced to resign after 38 years of service for poor results from earlier Disney movies.
  2. Bye, Bye Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly. They jumped ship after the third release, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. When a franchise tries a new cast, it almost never works.
  3. Director Gore Verbinski was initially interested in returning, but later left the project to direct a film adaption of the video game, Bioshock.

Filming reportedly just wrapped about a week ago. Although, I'm not the biggest Pirates fan, I'd be interested in seeing how the geniuses at Disney pull this one off.


Counterfeit Sneaks: US Homeland Security Takes STAND

If you are a "Sneaker Head" you know how toxic counterfeit sneaks can be! To know you may have stood in a line for hours, or waited months for a sneaker to drop; and that someone could have a copy of the same shoe looking practically, identical and maybe for half the price is devastating. Well Now the U.S. Homeland security is taking a stand and shutting down websites selling counterfeit sneakers.

Shoutout to kicksonfire.com for this info...check out the link for all the details, and a list of sites that have been shut down.


@PutABeatOn Presents: #WellTraveled

Just when you thought you had enough of the weekly song release marketing strategy...I drop this jewel on you via my homies over at PutABeatOn.com.

This project is more than a musical flood, it's deeper than rap (no pun intended), and it's just what the doctor ordered. This particular team works hard in producing quality music and looks to make their mark on various industries. Don't believe me check for yourself...

Week 1 Features:

  • PaBO Put-A-BeatOn® (CashKyle, Ralph Benjamin & Perry Ryan) - "Get Off" (Produced by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn®)
  • PaBO Put-A-BeatOn® (CashKyle, Ralph Benjamin & Perry Ryan) - "She Down" (Produced by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn®)
  • Perry Ryan - "Blowing Good Weed...Fucking Bad Bitches" (Produced by PaBO Put-A-BeatOn®)

Week 2 Features:

  • CashKyle & Ralph Benjamin - "Prominent" (Produced by Johnny Juliano)





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