Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Pictures Worth: Jay-Z Wearing the Air Yeezy 2

Hova is seen here rockin the Air Yeezy 2 court side at a Nets game!

Golden Mac...No French Fries.

Was that title corny? Well, here's what's not corny: 500,000 units sold for Mac Miller's "Donald Trump" record. Congrats kid. If you haven't grabbed Blue Slide Park, do so. What you waitin for?

Aye Benjy, let me hold something kid...


@AlLindstromCom's 2011 MVP [Debate Video]

Lauren London

Sounds like this group has narrowed it down to 2 key take a guess. Here's a hint: the baby's father of that beautiful woman pictured above...WAS NOT IN THE DISCUSSION.

...I didn't give it all away!

Hi New New.


New Music: Clout (@WestPhilClout) – Sponsor Ft. Bones (@BonesHR)

Nope. This is not that all. As a matter of fact, we can call this a response, OR better yet we can call this, me happy for the opportunity to google "Teairra Mari"

Hi Teairra.

Check out the latest from Star Enterprise's Clout featuring Hustler Records own Bones Jones. I'm feeling it. And man am I glad didn't - at any point - host an award show!!! Ha!



Have You Heard: Frank Ocean - "4 Tears"

Who doesn't love Frank Ocean? He had a big year, and I think he's developed vastly as a recording artist. I've noticed growth and I've only been a fan for about a year or so... Check out how he decided to end 2011...


Watch The Throne Tour [BTS Ep. 6 & 7] at it again! Behind the Watch The Throne curtain, episodes 6 and 7!

Reebok Classics: Meek Mill [Interview || Video]

So Reebok is currently running this brand new interview series right... and they figured, for this particular installment, let's grab top tier photographer, Jonathan Mannion, and scorching "new" (not really to a few) artist Meek Mill...

And it went a little something like this...


@Tip F*ck Da City Up [Second Trailer]

Remember when we told y'all Tip was dropping a mixtape on New Year's Day? Well... Here's the second trailer...

If you haven't seen the First Trailer go check that one out too...


New Music: Jeremih - "'Mih Motto [The Motto Remix]"

I see you working Jeremih... Aye Drizzy, put that boi on a track. He'll hold it down fo sho.


A TM 103 Update [#3 Ain't Bad]

1st week numbers mean everything in hip-hop right????

Well, FYI Young Jeezy’s TM103 Hustlerz Ambition found itself holding the #3 spot down after it's first week of availability. Billboard reports 232,938 copies moved.

Just in case you care, Micheal Buble and Adele are beasting that 1 & 2 spot. Hey, I'll take that company.

Congrats Jizzle.


@JadeAlston - Single On A Saturday Night [Review + Download]

The time has finally come. If you know me personally OR simply follow me on Twitter, you're probably aware that I am a HUGE Jade Alston fan. She exhibits ultimate control of her voice, her content is appropriate and relevant, and if you can't tell by the EP cover above, "easy on the eyes" would be an understatement.

A Pictures Worth: Still A #Concord Line???

Yup there is still a line for the Concords at this undisclosed location that did not get their original shipment.
This sh*t real!!!