Monday, December 20, 2010

Brandon Jennings out 4-6 weeks

Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks is out 4-6 week with a broken foot. This is great timing for me (Laker's Fan) because there next game is against the Los Angeles Lakers. None the less Jennings must undergo surgery to repair the fracture in his left foot.

Jennings apparently broke his foot against the Spurs; but played 30 minutes the following game against Utah. His foot was examined after the game against the Jazz, that's when the fracture was discovered. Well hopefully he will back and in good shape soon; at least after the Lakers game. ha ha


The Kobe Zoom VI is set to release the day after christmas. The Release colorway is Black/Yellow. The Zoom VI is again a low top, also being Nike's Lightest Basketball shoe. The next colorway to be released is a Black/Varsity Red mixture. So what do you think, HOT? or NOT?

AT&T Spends Big to Raise Bars

So, you work in a sky-scraping building in Center City Philadelphia...and the signal on your brand new Blackberry Torch reads "x" 5 out of the 7/8 hours you spend there a day.

You ask your neighboring co-workers: "Do y'all have any service? I can't do sh!t on my phone..."

Well AT&T is spending nearly $2 billion to buy the rights to certain airwaves (also known as wireless spectrum), of a failed Qualcomm Inc. venture, in a move to improve its mobile service.

Biting off more than they could chew, the carrier has been working to expand its over-burdened network ever since it became the exclusive carrier for Apple Inc.’s iPhone. Even with those exclusive rights, AT&T has suffered from the wrath of consumers, and earlier this month, Consumer Reports dubbed its mobile service the worst.

Early next year, though, look for things to change.

With Verizon Communications Inc. expecting shared rights to Apple's iPhone, a move which could shift some data traffic to Verizon, AT&T may be able to breathe again. It may also unleash a whole batch of new data intensive users on Verizon who have been waiting to buy an iPhone, but wanted a different carrier, like Verizon. It’s feasible that Verizon could get some of AT&T’s traffic problems, even though it has also been building out its network in anticipation of the iPhone.

AT&T said it’s acquiring this spectrum as part of its long-term planning. But the company is likely hoping to boost its service with the new spectrum for a new 4G network, and possibly stave off the looming departures of some of its customers, who may jump ship for Verizon.

The question is, even with the promise of a new network, will it be too late?


Disgusting Author Gets Booked!

The sicko behind a controversial book considered a "how-to" guide for pedophiles was arrested in Colorado, officials in Florida said Monday.

Video: Michael Jordan "Invincible" [Trailer]

I know we're killing y'all with the sports post, but check out this project trailer, on your royal AIRness.

Thought this was amazing. What do y'all think???


Video: Lil Kim x Angie Martinez

7 milli though Kim?! LoL. I don't think Nicki is ready to put (or financially capable of putting) that up for a feature that will go for $.99 on iTunes.

The impersonation was hilarious though!


A Picture's Worth: NY Posts Couldn't Resist

No. Comment.

G-Dep...For Real Though?

Wednesday night, former Bad Boy Records rapper G-Dep entered New York’s 25th Precinct and told the first officer he saw: "I shot and killed someone 17 years ago.”

Imagine if you were that officer. Like, what are your first thoughts???

According to The New York Post, G-Dep, born Trevell Coleman, admitted to murdering John Henkel in October of 1993 just outside of the James Weldon Johnson Houses in Queens. Until now, the murder had been marked a cold case.

According to sources at the 25th Precinct, G-Dep simply walked in, confessed due his conscience, and was booked without bail, though, in a sense, it was nothing new. He’d been arrested more than 25 times since 2003 for grand larceny, drugs, weapons, and everything else.

Let's Get It.


Video: NFL Week 15 "Close Calls"

Theses were two other "down to the wire" NFL games for 2010's Week 15. Share your thoughts...

Video: More Giants v. Eagles Highlights

The Week 15 Giants/Eagles matchup full highlight reel...