Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Amber Rose speaks about Wiz relationshiop & Kanye Comparisons

As you all may know Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa have been in a relationship for some time now. Although Rose has not opened up completely about the details in her relationship,(nor did she have to) she recently gave some up some inside info. Rose will feature on the cover of an upcoming KING MAGAZINE cover, and in her interview she spoke on her relationship with Wiz. She also touched on the fact that many people claim she "Downgraded" from her ex; Kanye West.

Rose said the two exchanged numbers on twitter. And it all started as a friendship. They originally met after one of Rose's workout sessions. At first Rose claims she viewed Wiz as a "little brother." Eventually they spent more time together and Rose stated they chilled together for about two weeks straight. She claims Wiz never tried to make any advances. No kissing, nothing! Eventually Wiz had to return to Pittsburgh. The two spent hours after hours on the phone. And in Wiz's absence, Rose realized how much she missed him. She also stated that when he returned from Pittsburgh he was definitely getting "SOME". Eventually the feeling were mutual and the two have been together ever since.

As far as Rose "Downgrading" she states Wiz is NOT a downgrade on ANY LEVEL. She also states that nobody knows what it was like being in a relationship with Kanye, and they dont know his everyday life. And if they did they would know that Wiz is far from a downgrade. Rose says the personalities are no comparison.

For more info and the full interview look out for Amber Rose on the cover of KING MAGAZINE soon.

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Bynum Apologizes for flagrant foul on J.J. Barea

Andrew Bynum is Punished for hard foul in Game 4

As you all may know. Andrew Bynum was ejected from game 4 of the Western Semi-Finals. Bynum through an elbow to J.J. Barea in mid air knocking him into a hard fall. Well Tuesday the NBA announced its punishment for Bynum. Bynum will be suspended for the 1st five games of the regular season next year. Along with the suspension he is fined $25,000 for taking off his jersey before reaching the locker room. So adding up his salary and the fine, Bynum is going to lose about $700,000 dollars for this incident. OUCH!