Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Music: Asher Roth - "Party Girl" (Feat. Meek Mill)

Took me a while to post this! Sheesh. Maybe because it will be available for sale on iTunes tomorrow (4.20.2012)! I like it. Especially that Eddie sample. Do you though? Leave your thoughts in the C-Section...

Asher Roth x Meek Mill - Party Girl (Produced by Oren Yoel)


Hip Hop POV Chops It Up With Iggy Azalea [Video || Parts 1 - 4]

Let's sit down with XXL Freshman First Lady, Iggy Azalea and discuss shit like ASVP Rocky, the Tupac Hologram, falling in love with hip-hop, tour with TI, female beef and the refugee community in Australia? Go figure. The New Classic. AFTER THE JUMP...

New Music: Newz Huddle (@NewzHuddle) - "Billions" (Prod. @BoonBillions)

Safe to say we know what Newzy's chasing after giving this a listen. Follow Newz Huddle on TWITTER for updates and more. Free Pills. Word to Boonie Billions on the beat.


@AcePorter - "Love Operator" (Feat. @JustBeano || Dir. @Krmda)

Philadelphia's own Ace Porter links with your favorite singer's favorite singer, Beano. With some help from producer Br Da Last Don, the visual presentation for "Love Operator"

Download the track ---> HERE.

Directed by Krmda


New Music: Bones (@BonesHR) x C. Diddy (@_CDiddy) x Al (@Al_1Thing) x Dana Black (@DanaBlack55st) - "No Mercy"

The People Like U$ Crew at em again: Dana Black, AL 1Thing and C. Diddy, featuring Bones from Hustler Records. Showed this new Kanye beat, well, No Mercy.

Listen, enjoy and share.



Royalty: Jonathan Mannion x Mick Boogie [Video]

I thought this was some kewl shit. I'm a Jonathan Mannion fan. His vision is like no other. They say pictures speak 1000 words, that light work for JM. Check out the BTS of his most recent project, with the amazing Mick Boogie as they set the visual tone for his new mixtape, Grand Royal, a commemorative project for the Beastie Boys' introduction into the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame. Look for that, right here on TOMORROW.


VH1 Behind The Music: Nas [FULL]

VH1 did it with this one. They grabbed Mr. Jones and managed to compile his legendary journey all in under 45 minutes. That's what you call a WIN! Highlighting Nas' career and personal life, take this walk with us...


New Music: Mac Miller - "Cold" (Feat. Curren$y)

I'm really not sure which one of these guys is the coldest in the room that they created. Either way, very smooth very dope track. Word to Mac Miller, Rostrum and company, Curren$y and Jet Life.

Oh and Chuck Inglish on the production...