Thursday, March 24, 2011

MICHAEL JORDAN makes a rare promise to UNC if they make FINAL FOUR (MUST SEE VIDEO)

As you all should know Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest TAR HEEL of all time. Before the UNC win over Washington to advance to the Sweet 16, they ran into MICHAEL JORDAN and he had some words for the Young Heels and their star freshman Harrison Barnes.
Barnes wears the Nike Kobe Zoom VI which is one of the Most popular basketball shoes today. But Carolina's supplies are sponsored by Jordan Brand. With that being said MJ had a few words to say to Barnes for rockin the Kobe Zoom VI. He told him he's gonna wear the Jordans. And to stop wearing those Kobe's lol. He also told him his gonna tell his Mama. He said he can wear them if they keep winning. But he wore them in that Duke game and got killed. (ACC TOURNEY) Now Jordan was laughing and joking but knowing MJ his sarcasm had a serious side to it.
But the promise he made the team is that if they make the FINAL FOUR he would get the team a pair of the JORDAN 11 "Cool Greys" and any other Jordan they wanted! Jordan stated that you cant get the authentic Cool Greys ANY WHERE!!! The Team was excited, so lets see if they get them kickz!!! GO HEELS

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PS: I love when the Celtics lose....had to throw that in there. #TeamLakers

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Chad Ochocinco to play Major League Soccer???

As we all know the NFL is in a lockout. Meaning NO FOOTBALL until further word. So what will NFL players do? Most players have financially prepared for this very moment. But the players are not allowed to practice, and they may miss game time. So what will the players do with their spare time, and to stay in shape?

Well Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals has decided try out soccer! Yup, soccer. Chad is trying out for Kansas City's Major League Soccer team. He has been trying out for four days and is very serious about making the team. Chad says that soccer was his first sport of choice. His grandmother is the one who persuaded him to take football serious after the 10Th grade.

Chad also stated that is was not about the money and that he would play for free! He is playing to stay in shape and for the love of the sport he has always had. He said that conditioning was an early issue as he expected. Obviously, because Chad hasn't ran at this pace since the end of the Bengals season. But keep an eye out for Chad Ochocinco possibly on the soccer field this season until the NFL and its PLAYERS work out this madness.

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