Monday, September 26, 2011

#KickGame: ADIDAS "Ronan" True Blue

Blue is my favorite color. That can sometimes counter my favor, however I feel like if I stroll into, say, a chapter meeting with these on...I'm straight. LOL.

ADIDAS is hitting us hard with this release. This SPECIAL EDITION Ronan has been shipped to a select group of boutiques across the U.S. Talk about exclusive! Adidas has officially labeled this a "thank you" for the support of the shops and only 1000 pairs have been produced. The design? JP Blue suede lines the upper while white leather compliments.

For $75 and some can have them too!

@HipHopSince1987 Interviews Mindless Behavior [Video]

This is probably like a week old, but I'm a Mindless Behavior fan, mostly due to the fact that my little sister and niece can listen to them Good clean music. Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj, I love your music, but y'all gotta die talking to my sister like that...


@MacMiller On Blue Slide Park Cover Art [Video]

I want whatever Mac Miller and Derrick Rose have...yeah, that stuff they take right before interviews. Gimme that...

Blue Slide November 8th...


New Music: Pusha T - "Don't F**k With Me" ("Dreams Money Can Buy" Freestyle) [Download]

Sounds like a diss to me...but I could be wrong. [Insert Pusha's 3:18 laugh here].



Jay-Z Announces Brooklyn Nets [Video]

Shout out to The New Jersey Brooklyn Nets' Jay-Z and the ownership team, and their new crib. SMH...just when I thought I was making power moves.

#BigUps to Brooklyn


SLAM Magazine's Battle For i95 Top 10 Plays [Video]

Not too much to be said here...let the video take you away!