Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family [Trailer]


Not a HUGE Tyler Perry fan. Why not? Because I think he elevates and highlights coonery at it's finest, but you have to respect dude's hustle. He's one of those guys who doesn't sleep and takes no days off…literally. Anyway his new movie, Madea's Big Happy Family, starring the likes of Shad "Bow Wow" Moss, Lauren London and Loretta Divine is set to release Friday, April 22, 2011. Who wants to go??? Would it be dope if @TeamSCREAMATME set up an outing to see this??? Hmmm...


Road To Redemption: T.I. Sued?!

Rapper and actor, T.I. currently faces a lawsuit filed by relatives of a deceased victim, Joseph Williams, whose body was filmed in a 2009 episode of the rapper's reality television show, "Road To Redemption." The family claims they did not provide the required consent to use the footage and that they've suffered mental distress from the incident.

"Road to Redemption" focused on the entertainer's sincere attempts to warn young people about crime and help guide them in the right direction. In the particular episode, T.I. visited the Haugabrooks Funeral Home in Atlanta with a young man & shows him a dead body. The mortician at Haugabrooks said that the young man was a hustler whose parents did not know how he died. The lawsuit claims T.I. & Haugabrooks lied about that fact to solidify their points.

The lawsuit was served to not only T.I., but MTV, Haugabrooks & others involved in the production of the episode & television show. The family is looking for unspecified damages.

I think they're full of shit.


DeMarcus Cousins Just Wants Respect

Sacramento Kings rookie DeMarcus Cousins got into yet another altercation this season, this time it was with teammate Donte Greene.

Multiple NBA sources report after Cousins didn't get the ball on the final possession of a 99-97 loss to Oklahoma City last night, DeMarcus was pissed at Greene for going with the top of the key, Tyreke Evans option. One source said Cousins and Green argued in the locker room, with Cousins telling everyone he wanted respect, regardless of his rookie status.

According to the Sacramento Bee's Kings blog, "Westphal said the final play wasn't drawn up specifically for Evans and that Donte Greene had options inbounding the ball. Evans became the best option because he was open and the Thunder took away DeMarcus Cousins in the post."

Apparently Cousins was not allowed to board the team plane to Phoenix last night.

Cousins has been experiencing a rookie wall like none other. He has already been fined by the team for a verbal confrontation with a training staff member and also was tossed out of a practice after talking back to Westphal.

If Cousins does not play Sunday it would be the first time Cousins missed a game for his behavior though, and quite frankly the Kings cannot afford to lose any talent. Cousins is averaging 13.9 points and 8.0 rebounds per game, and their current record sits at an almost horrid 12 - 38. Yeah, that's tastic.

Check Demarcus' post game reaction…doesn't seem too happy.


Video: Lil Wayne & Eminem SNL Skit

This skit is hilarious. Even funnier when you're just listening. Enjoy the clip while it lasts, Team SNL definitely scouts for leakage!


New Music: Diddy-Dirty Money - "Ass On The Floor [Remix]"

In classic Diddy fashion, Dirty Money presents the remix to hit single "Ass On The Floor." I think it's hot, but it doesn't necessarily match the theme to the song. I hear some The-Dream and Tricky Stewart in it…possibly because they're actually in it. Nice work.


Man Killed 4 in 28-Hour Rampage

23 year old man is told he can not borrow his mother's Lexus. This argument them turns into a killing spree. The man went on to Stab and kill his step father, ex-girlfriend, her mother and hitting a pedestrian in a stolen car. He also slashed n injured four others. He was found with a bloody kitchen knife in Times Square at the time of his arrest.



Police: Man kills 4 in stabbing rampage across NYC that ends in Times Square subway station.

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