Monday, November 15, 2010

Bow Wow...No "Lil"



Where do I start here?

You can't get in front of the camera and say "I never wanted to be LiL Bow Wow. I never wanted to be that nigga. Ever." JD molded you into that character this, I was real hip-hop that, cursing and shit at the age of 7...blah. blah. blizzah. And in the same breath go on to say you feel like you've been disrespected by Hip-Hop media titans like XXL Magazine, because you haven't graced a cover of theirs yet, and you think that's some bogus shit because you've managed to sell 10 million+ records and sell out Madison Square Garden six times.

I have a problem with this, for a few reasons.

Reason #1: Anybody who knows me or, follows me on twitter, is aware that I admire JD. His hustle. His management style. Not so much his raps, but he is definitely about his business. He made you Shad. I live by "never bite the hand that feeds you," and so far you've done that too many times for my liking.

Reason #2: Ummm, the only reason you sold that many records is because you. were. LIL bow wow. You think the little girls and parents that purchased your shit, would have copped 10 million records of you dropping "fuck this" and "bitch that" every other bar? Hell no.

Reason #3: "Holiday Jams" and "Scream Tours" where you have to share the stage with 5, possibly 6, different acts JUST LIKE YOURSELF, does not count as "selling out The Garden." Granite, you may have headlined a few of them...and I do mean a haven't earned the right to say that YOU, alone, sold it out. Because YOU did not. Aside from Breezy, you, B2k, and whoever else who has faded into obscurity from that era, in addition to the push from media locomotive Clear Channel, sold the Garden out collectively.

If you want to know about selling the Garden out, check Elton John, Black Eyed Peas, Jay-Z, and Eminem. They sell out The Garden.

I'm done. Stop pissin me off Bow.


Video: Andre Iguodala Makes Brian Cardinal Famous

Damn Iggy. Now if you could only help us collect some wins. At the moment, The Philadelphia 76ers hold a horrid 2-8 record tied with the Toronto Raptors and occupying the fourth seat in our Atlantic Division standings. We managed to scramble up a BIG win against the Indiana Pacers back on 11/03/2010, and a fourth quarter "nail-biter" 11/07/2010 at Madison Square Garden's Knicks.

Sixers wrap up a 5-game road trip tomorrow night against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Let us pray...


Video: Jazmine Sullivan - 10 Seconds

Jazmine Sullivan
"Love Me Back" IN STORES 11/30/2010

Go get it, guaranteed to be a classic.