Thursday, February 16, 2012

@Hoopmixtape Top 10 [High School Highlights]

Here are the top ten dunks from the week featuring Justin Anderson, Demarcus Croaker, Aquille Carr, Shaquille Johnson, JaCari Finley, Devaughn Purcell, And More!

Which number was your favorite?


What If Kobe and Shaq Would Have Worked???

As a Lakers fan, the beginning of the new millenium was great! The Lakers won back to back to back NBA Championships behind the duo of Shaq and Kobe. Also with most of my friends being Sixers fans, and to see the duo destroy their beloved Sixers lead by Allen Iverson, is a remarkable memory. The two went on to win 3 NBA Titles, and 4 Finals appearances in a row.

Since then the two split like a highschool couple, full of drama and BullSh*t, Shaq has won 1 title in 1 NBA Finals appearance. Kobe has won 2 titles, in 3 finals appearances. This leads us to wonder what would have happened if the 2 made it work? Would they have 4,5,6 or 7 titles together? One thing is for sure, we would not have the great legacy of Kobe Bryant.

After the split, many people said he would never win without Shaq, INCLUDING Shaq. The ability to prevail through the doubt, and go on to win 2 more NBA Titles. (5 total) He also became the Lakers All-Time scoring leader. Kobe also passed Shaq on the NBA All-Time Scoring list on February 6, in his hometown against the Philadelphia 76ers. Kobe will now go down as one of the best players the NBA has EVER seen. Whether you like him or not, their is no way you can doubt the skill, work ethic, and mental/physical toughness he has shown NBA fans for nearly 2 decades!

So on a personal level for Mr. Bryant, I guess he made the right move by not fighting to keep Shaq in L.A. But damn WHAT IF???

Shoutout to ESPNs Jemele Hill on the video!

Allen Iverson Hoping for a NBA Return

Iverson was one of the most entertaining basketball players, and prolific scorers to ever play this game! He changed the culture of the NBA. But his loyalty to his friends, stubborn ways, and "remaining true to who he is" haunted him in the long run. Sources close to Allen Iverson are stating that he is willing to play Minor League Basketball, if it can lead him back to the NBA.

Iverson is in debt for over $800k to a Philadelphia jeweler. He is ordered by the courts to sacrifice his wages, the only problem is he has none! Iverson reportedly earned over $150 million over his NBA career, with NOTHING to show for it financially.

Iverson was almost a member of the Los Angeles Lakers this season. The Lakers were willing to sign the Ex NBA MVP, but his pride got the best of him. The Lakers wanted him to start out as a member of their developmental (D-League) squad, the LA Defenders, and Iverson refused.

Nike Air Foamposite One "Galaxy" *UnBoxing* [VIDEO]

Yup, another post about these "Galaxy" foams! Check out the unboxing video, and get ready for 2/24 when they drop. Oh yea, have $220 ready as well lol.