Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mo Better Blues: Sixers Agree To Deal Speights

So yeah... The Memphis Grizzlies have agreed in principle to the terms of a three-team ordeal including the New Orleans Hornets and Philadelphia 76ers that will ultimately move 76ers center/forward/wasted draft pick in Marreese Speights to the Grizz...

The trade would also include Memphis Grizzles swingman, Xavier Henry, who gets shipped to the Hornets and two future second-round picks courtesy of both Philadelphia.

Speights is in his fourth season with the 76ers, who selected him with the 16th overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. SMH. Don't take me back there...



@DjAYEboogie LVRS Lane [Mixtape Download]

This Indy Neo-Soul compilation was released New Years Eve and challenges Dj Aye Boogie, of Philadelphia, to step outside of the (and I quote) "ratchet strip club music he is known to solicit" Ha! Overall, I like it... Very smooth. Very mellow. Do yourself a favor and hit that download link.

Aye Boogie... yeen no DJ!!!



...And Pill Says "He Never Signed To MMG" [Video]

This guy is NOT a happy camper.

What the hell is going on over there with Warner Music Group/Maybach and Pill? And Why doesn't Rozay - or another WMG executive - have anything to say about this??? Hmmm...

“I never signed any paperwork with Ross. It was just my deal was over at Warner already…I ain’t really got too much to say to somebody that ain’t got too much to say to me. I’m not a brownnose, I ain’t a punk ass nigga and I’m not finna go trying to chase behind somebody that ain’t sayin’ nothing to me.”



@FrencHMonTanA Celebrates Bad Boy x MMG Deal [Video]

So, word to French Montana. He has two MACHINES behind his upcoming album, Excuse My French. A joint venture for the books...

Look out for Rick Ross, who will be executive producing Frenchie's project.


D. Jones (@djones215) Dissects The Example [Video]

The Example available for download right now...