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A Picture's Worth: Maybach Music Group

Let's keep it in the MMG family, shall we?

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Video: Wale - The Break Up Song

Check out the latest from Wale…latest Maybach Music Group signee???

Directed by: Walu & Dj Omega

Narrated by: Morgan Freeman…yup, THE Morgan Freeman


UPDATE: Shorty was ultra BAD to me… and Wale, keep crankin out hits dude. I'm counting on you.

Video: Game Changers feat. Janelle Monae, Estelle, B.o.B. and Lupe Fiasco

I'm a big fan of everybody at the table…

The four sit down for a round table discussion with former Vibe contributor and current Billboard Magazine Editor-In-Chief, Danyel Smith. They drop knowledge…pull out your pens and pads.


Trey Songz' Wallet: Bottom's Up

How about that title? I wasn't sure about it…

Derrick Price, Doc Mob Records and IHip Hop Music, a Washington, D.C. production company, most recently filed an $18 million lawsuit over the rights to the music on the hit song "Bottoms Up" by Trey Songz featuring Nicki Minaj.

Defendants include:
Trey Songz
Atlantic Records
manager Gee Robertson
and song producer, Kane Beatz

Others do appear on the suit.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed February 2nd in the Southern District of New York Doc Mob hired producer Milton James aka "Tony Scales" to produce the original, copyrighted track for "Bottoms Up" for his company, Doc Mob Records.

Price and Doc Mob further claim the track was originally produced by James in Price's home studio.

At some point, James teamed with producer Kane Beatz who added production to the song, which was eventually used by Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj

The lawsuit claims that "Bottoms Up" was contained on Trey Songz' hit album Passion, Pain and Pleasure but only listed Kane Beatz as producer of the song.

Make sure to cover them tracks next time Team Trey.

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Video: Bully Thought He Was Tough…LOL!

With all the rant and rave going on right now in the US about bullying…it goes on overseas too…not how you think though. Check the video below…

#EpicFail of the day for bol...


Lebron gives Pacers 41

Lebron James scored 41 points along with 13 rebounds and 8 assists.

For Highlights and Full game summary click here ESPN

Roxborough HS standout athlete shot dead

Police have identified the teenager who was gunned down on a Philadelphia street late Monday night.

Click link for video...

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Rx error: Pregnant woman given abortion pill

A Denver, Colorado woman who is six weeks pregnant might lose her unborn child because of a terrible prescription drug error.


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VIDEO: Kim Kardashian gets KICKED OFF STAGE

Prince, performing at Madison Square Garden invites Kim up to dance on stage. When she doesn't meet his standards he gives her THE BOOT!
Check video around 1:00 mark.



College Basketball player charged with RAPE

Darrell Williams, Oklahoma State Forward was suspended Monday due to great legal issues. He was charged with 4 felony counts for touching two women inappropriately without their consent. Williams supposedly held two women against their will and went inside their pants at a party on December 12.

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VIDEO: 42 points from a All-Star Snub???


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VIDEO: Super Bowl CHAMPS return home

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VIDEO: Lakers & Nuggets continue to talk about CARMELO deal.

The Nuggets are supposedly discussing trade talks with the Lakers. So far the pieces that seem to be involded are Carmelo and Andrew Bynum. As far as salary everything works out for a straight up deal. No third party is needed. Now whether or not Denver will look to get more from LA is yet to be said. Denver has stated however, they are not interested in Artest. The addition of Lamar Odom could also be too costly.

Andrew Bynum has produced greatly for the Lakers "when" he is healthy. Key word is WHEN. Bynum has suffered numerous injuries to both knees. Bynum is an automatic double double. Bynum has 2 years left on his deal after this season. The last season is a team option. So if he was to go to Denver and be injured next year they can release him and free up salary cap space.

Nothing is set in stone, and personally i believe that Melo will go to New York. But the thought of him being in LA is definitely going to enhance the already powerful offense of the Lakers. But whatever happens you will find out via @TEAMSCREAMATME

Heres the video thanks to ESPN.

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Helping the Gamer

Gaming is hobby that is both fun, stress relieving, and for some a lifestyle. Through the evolution of games and interaction, competition has become a major aspect of gaming even more so than in the golden age. That’s were we at Scream@Me come in. We are here to give simple tips for all game genres to help you step up your game so you are able to compete with people who play the game for hours on end while you have to work. This column will be updated Weekly and provide different tips each day of the week to step your game up.

Fighting Games:

Fighting games are organic in the highest sense because the way they are played when the first come out changes at various intervals such as 3 months, 6 months and so on. The level of interaction, dedication people put into the game, and simply trying to do something new the genre and game itself change so frequently. That is why it is important for all of you out there to learn as much as possible as fast as possible about your favorite game or series to stay competitive. Besides who wants to be dominated every time they log onto the game? Since this is the first in the column, I will provide 3 general tips to help everyone become better.

  1. Learn everyone: Many times people who play fighting games tend to only use one character and this cripples them over the long run simply because they do not know what the other characters are fully capable of. In no way am I condoning learning every character on the roster, but I suggest that you take the extra time to learn weaknesses and strengths of each character, By learning this you are able to fully understand what is coming at you and how to defend against it.
  2. Consistent Combos: Sure that 50 hit combo the game guru can perform looks great and you want to do it also, but until you learn how to manage your simple 3 to 5 hit combos regularly, please do not make yourself an easy target by pulling off moves that you can’t do consistently.
  3. PUNISH: This is the most important of all of today’s lessons because many people do not do this. If you are playing Tekken or any other fighting game for that manner and your opponent misses a move, you have an open window to attack, YOU MUST PUNISH THEM. Even if you do not know that long combo or devastating move, some damage is better than no damage at all. Eventually you will be able to perform that combo, but for now until you can do it simply do a throw, special move, etc. etc. to show that you are at least aware of their mistake.

These are 3 quick tips and they will help you become a better fighter if you remember and use these tips on a regular basis. Good Gaming Everyone

Week of 2/8/2011 Video Game Releases

These are the game releases for this week:

Body and Brain Connection for the Xbox 360 system

Junior Brain Trainer 2 for your Nintendo Ds System

Magical Zhu Zhu Princess: Carriages and Castles for Nintendo DS

Naruto Shippuden: Shinobi Rumble for Nintendo DS

Stacking for Xbox 360 Arcade

Tales from Space: About a Blob for PS3

Test Drive Unlimited 2 for PS3 and Xbox 360

Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll for PS3

You Don’t Know Jack on Nintendo Wii, DS, PS3, and Xbox 360

This is an overall very average week of release for games. My personal suggestion is that you save your money and purchase any of these titles when they are available in the bargain bin. But if you have to have one, You Don’t Know Jack is my suggestion on your system of choice as it will provide for entertainment through various categories of trivia.

Woman dies after assault outside traffic court

Assault victim 21-year-old Tavoyia Owens, the mother of a 3-year-old, was also 4-months pregnant, police say.


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