Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sixers beat Celtics in Philly

I attended this game and there were a large number of Celtics fans in attendance. It felt great to see there sad faces after the Sixers handed them a Loss. (#TeamLakers)

Shoutout to JP, the night before he told me the Sixers would win this game. Good call JP.

Jimmer Fredette drops 52 points!!!

All I think about when I see this kid is, How will his talents transfer to the NBA? He is an amazing college player, arguably the best in college basketball. But we will see soon. Great game Jimmer.

NFL Lockout is OFFICIAL!

As of midnight the Owners conducted a league wide lockout. Players can't contact coaches, use facilities, no practice, no treatment. Also no signings or trades or any kind of front office moves can be made. The NFL draft has is still on schedule. For those who don't know. A lockout is the opposite of a Strike. The employers lock out the employees, disabling them from work. The players have filed with the courts to block the lockout. Now its a waiting game to see how many games the NFL could miss, if any, or even the season.