Friday, April 20, 2012

Abstract Thought (@alwaysABSTRACT) Spring 2012 Preview [Pics + Video]

Abstract Thought is a brand devoted to quality, integrity and loyalty (with both brand and customer), and that's why rocks with them. Prepping to roll out their Spring 2012 DOPE-ness, got this little gift dropped in my inbox earlier today!

Two of the DOPE-EST up & coming Videographers in Philadelphia FunZach & Cherese "The Magnificent" as The Models & Billy-ABSTRACT Behind The Camera as the Photographer!!!

The two Shirts Previewed are "A Taste of Your Own Medicine" & "DOPE2"

Video Shot by Both FunZach & Cherese "The Magnificent"

Video Edited By FunZach

Photography Shot by Billy-ABSTRACT

Special Thanks: Kush Shalimar of WrittenHouse on the Music & Premier League for Hosting the Shoot!!!

Word to Dj AYE Boogie.


The Vent: #CorysCookoutPartDeux

Ok so.......

Let me start with a sincere THANK YOU to Cory Townes. Although, this particular "thank you" has nothing to do with the event you (with help) literally threw together last's been about four, maybe five years in the feeling compelled to deliver has EVERYTHING to do with the overstimulated THURSDAY NIGHT occasion, #CorysCookoutPartDeux

Digression here.

If you couldn't see it. You definitely heard it. The neighbors definitely heard it. So much of "it," in fact, around 8pm, they figured they should contact the Philadelphia Police Department and extend a personal invitation to the "it" they heard so much of. 45th and Chestnut could have been described as something as cliche (or racially degrading, depending on your outlook) as a "zoo" last night, as Dj R to Da IzzA held down the 1s and 2s, and beautiful women appeared in the closest example of modern-day caravans. By 9pm Eastern Standard Time, the scene was grandiose. It exemplified unity, while maintaining - what I would call - thee most diverse environment the United Nations could ask for. At one point, this future politician stood between a model, punk rocker, comedian, lawyer and budding R&B singer (fresh off the Rutgers University Spring Fling stage, might I add). We shared conversation, laughter, aspiration and general appreciation of the company we had created...even for the moment.

Even for the moment, I forgot, briefly, just how much I LOVED my job [Note: sarcasm], and how, as of April 20th :: press time, Philadelphia's homicide victim count stands at 104 (highest count through this date since 2007), or how extremely excited I am to graduate with my Master's degree, until I realize these student loans will shoot so fast up the priority list, their movement will make FEMA's "immediate" response to Katrina seem ... ... ...well, like FEMA's "immediate" response to Katrina.

More digression here.

Bottom line: I forgot. And it felt good to forget, for once. It was rather refreshing to simply embrace the moment Twitter helped to create. Good people. Good times. "Impeccable" punch! Thanks B.

And as I'm sure each individual could share their unique account, the underlying theme will most likely remain. Nice event, no nonsense. Rare? Maybe. Pleasurable. Definitely.

The craziest part: we're going to do it all over again tonight...