Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wake Up With The Breakfast Club: Jadakiss [Video]

Jadakiss stopped by Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club this morning and discussed physical fitness, staying relevant in the modern music industry, and fashion. Press play, your favorite rapper's favorite MC is gearing up for the Top 5 Dead or Alive release. We're tuned in.

Check out "Big Boy Dialogue" featuring The-Dream, which is available on iTunes right now.


The #CRWN Interview Series - @ElliottWilson x @JColeNC [Recap]

As the 2009 Cherry Red Dodge Charger turns the corner of 10th Avenue onto West 16th, the initial sight of the line that awaits, populated with hip-hop heads, "Internets," and groupie-hopefuls (I mean, why in the hell else would you wear that skin-tight, stripped skirt...accentuating every curve you inherited from your mother and those 7-inch red-ish bottom joints to a standing room only, interview?!) is beyond devastating.

*immediately unlocks iPhone*

*Google: Highline Ballroom capacity*

" the midnight?" I mumble to myself, as I rethink this commitment.

The second installment of Elliott "YN" Wilson's #CRWN Oprah Winfrey-like interview series in the meatpacking district, features Roc Nation standout, J. Cole. Following the first installment's stellar feature in Tyler The Creator, this follow up is sure to elevate the brand. The timing couldn't be better as Cole prepares for the release of his upcoming sophomore effort, Born Sinner, scheduled for a June 25th 18th drop. There are varying outstanding questions. The cliche: "So, how's working with Jay-Z?" Or some rendition of that. The answer is always elusive and "you know, Jay is a really down to Earth dude." Or some rendition of that. Then there's the whole moving the album's release up a week to compete with the machine that is Kanye West and his already highly publicized Yeezus album.

*takes a moment to recognize the "irony" in an album entitled Born Sinner and an album entitled Yeezus releasing the same day ... ... ... makes a conscious decision to stay in the house on June 18th*

Admittedly, Jermaine's sideline story is entertaining, intriguing, and captivating...minimally. By simply listening to his discography, there's the potential to feel almost instantly connected to the artist and person that is J. Cole. His music is expressive and personal. Some would argue that this alludes to his success as a recording artist in the 21st century music industry.

For those who are familiar with Cole, it comes as no surprise that his first response to Elliott Wilson's first question, which was essentially "How do you feel?" ultimately ends in a LeBron James analogy. There were times I thought, "this kid is wise way beyond his years" and "his moment is approaching, rapidly."

That's right, "his moment." Even after the impressive Cole World: The Sideline Story debut moving 218,000 units in its first week...under shipped and all...the feeling that he has yet to maximize his potential resonates among onlookers like myself, like the Elliott Wilsons and even the Jay-Zs of the world. There's more to come from Young Simba. And you have the pleasure of being able to witness, first hand.

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