Monday, March 28, 2011

From The Vault: Donell Jones - U Know What's Up (Feat. Left Eye)

Today's throwback was a 1999 number-one hit which featured TLC member Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes. Do you remember???


S@M's Health Today: The BedBug Pandemic

Here's something a little different for you all...

Last year, a global study conducted by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) and the University of Kentucky found that 95% of pest-control professionals had treated a bedbug infestation in the past year. 76% agreed that bedbugs were the most difficult pests to treat. That report called today’s infestations, up nearly 75% from a decade ago, a “bedbug pandemic.”

NPMA members are not only treating bedbugs in homes and hotels, but restaurants, hospitals, subways, buses, taxis, movie theaters, libraries, and offices. Some 35 percent of pest managers had treated college dorms. Even elementary schools reported bedbug infestations. (Sidenote: Children are already dirty, if YOUR child is the extra dirty one...keep him or her home. Please and thank you.)

What they look like: Flat, oval and light tan to rusty brown. Size? Think tomato seed.

Where they can be found: They hide in crevices (word to
@ImMurphysLaw) of beds, bedding, photo frames, behind baseboards and under older carpets. According to the NPMA, 93% of bedbugs’ “harborage” is either on the bed itself (70%) or within five feet of the bed.

How you would be able to tell: They often leave evidence: blood-speckled sheets, or brown or black spots on bedclothes, which can be classified as bedbug droppings. They often leave their molted skins behind.

I know, disgusting little imyams right?

Should you be afraid?

Well, no. They can be dealt with. But time is of the essence. And just in case you're wondering, no bedbugs can’t fly, but they’re phenomenal climbers. Their bites are itchy welts, often in lines on the skin (from one bug biting repeatedly). The bites can cause an allergic reaction, but aren’t dangerous to health.

Although the cause of the bedbug epidemic is a mystery, many experts suspect that it stems from increased worldwide travel, as people unknowingly transport the pests in suitcases, handbags and clothing after leaving an infested room.

In short, leave your stuff where ever you left your stuff.

Bedbugs can live up to 300 days and can lay several hundred eggs. To locate the critters, some pest management companies are now using specially trained dogs to sniff out the pests.

Ridding bedbugs is no DIY project by any means. Experts ACROSS THE BOARD recommend calling a professional exterminator as soon as an infestation is even merely suspected! Two treatment minimum is standard, in addition to a follow-up visit.

#BigUps to Yahoo! Health, but you can thank us later.


Inked: How Snoop Honored Nate Dogg

When the legendary West Coast vocalist, Nate Dogg, bit the big one, of those in the probably hit 213 group mate Snoop Dogg the hardest.

"We lost a true legend in hip-hop and R&B," Snoop tweeted. "One of my best friends and a brother to me since 1986, when I was a sophomore...I love u buddy luv. U will always be with me forever and a day. You put the 'G' in G funk. You put the '1' n 213. And you put yo stamp on everybody you ever did it with."

Snoop had the famous tattoo artist, Mr. Cartoon, ink the inside of his forearm up to pay homage the best way Snoop knows how...

More pics, courtesy of MTV, AFTER THE JUMP...


R.I.P.: Dj Megatron

DJ Megatron of Hot 97...shot and killed.

Megatron, born Corey McGriff, was shot and killed early Sunday (3.27.2011) in Staten Island, New York. Reports state McGriff was en route to a store around 2AM when he was shot in the chest, in what appears to be an attempted robbery.

Claims from eye witnesses report that at least four men were seen running from the fatal shooting. The bullet ripped through his rib cage and made its way to his lung and heart.

Megatron gained a substantial amount of popularity, not only for his slot on Hot 97, but also from his frequent appearances on BET's "106 & Park."

Currently, no arrests have been made.

Team SCREAM @ ME, is praying for the family, friends, and others affected by the loss of yet another musical icon.


Jay-Z Surprises A Lucky Final Four Seed

As if securing their program's first Final Four berth since 1998 weren't excitement enough for Kentucky players, the Wildcats had a surprise guest waiting for them outside their locker room after Sunday's victory over North Carolina. On Sunday, rap mogul, Jay-Z surprised the Kentucky University Wildcats after they managed to top (and it kills me to report this...) Roy Williams and the University of North Carolina Tar Heels to secure the program's first Final Four berth since 1998.

Jay shook hands, snapped photos, held babies (not really) and congratulated Kentucky on its accomplishment, immediately following the win in the victors' locker room.

"That in itself was a pretty nice experience to add on to (the Final Four)," guard Darius Miller told the Louisville Courier Journal. "Going to the Final Four (is bigger) by far. But still, Jay-Z. It's crazy. This whole day has been crazy. I'm still taking it all in."


An excited freshman forward Terrence Jones on Sunday: "I said, 'Oh that's Jay-Z!'" Jones told the Courier-Journal. "We all gave him a handshake and he came in the locker room, and we just kept screaming 'Jay-Z in the locker room!' He congratulated us, just said he was proud of us."

The visit from Jay-Z was reminiscent of last year's NCAA tournament when rapper Drake would regularly show up in the Kentucky locker room after victories. He later invited the Wildcats on stage during an off season show in Lexington, also leading a C-A-T-S cheer and performing the John Wall dance on stage.

The 'Cats have an almost suspect association with celebrities. In addition to Jay-Z, you're liable to catch the likes of Ashley Judd, Drake and LeBron James supporting, leading chants, and taking pictures with players, faculty and coaching staff. I guess it counts as just another perk former New Jersey Nets and Memphis Tigers, Coach Calipari can emphasize to give Kentucky an advantage in recruiting the nation's top level talent. But I almost kind of smell an additional ulterior motive here...

See: Showtime Lakers. Yeah, the Kentucky Wildcats are becoming NCAA Men's Basketball premiere "Hollywood" program, attracting fans and players. Shit, add faculty to the list as well. *sends resume*