Wednesday, July 20, 2011

From The Vault: Adele - Hometown Glory [Video]


@KBello - "How To Love" [Lil' Wayne Cover]

I'm willing to bet my life's savings you won't be able to find a more beautiful voice... Look out for Miss Katrina Bello. She's making splashes, and you can never deny talent…

Check out her TUMBLR...


New Music: @Al_1Thing x @DanaBlack55st – Dana Black Music [Audio]

#GetToKnowMe coming sooner than you think…

Word to People Like Us Media…y'all are working over there.


New Music: @Myke_Kewl - "Paradise" [Audio]

LOL!!! Y'all thought we forgot about #NewArtistWednesdays????

Check out @Myke_Kew'ls single "Paradise." You can find it on
Kewlest Winter Ever.


KICK GAME: *NEW* Nike Foamposite One (Varsity Red/Black/White)

The Foamposite One looks to be finishing off the year and starting 2012 for Nike. The Foamposite Pro has made recent colorways with the electric blue, and the dark pine coming. But out of the new releases I've seen for upcoming Foamposite Ones, these "Varsity Red" Foams stood out to me the most!

They consist of an entirely Red Foamposite upper, Black lacing and accents finished off with the clear translucent sole. These look to be a sure hit. They are scheduled for a February 2012 release. As new pics surface and if the dates change we will let you know here @

Robert Horry says #LAKERS PG FISHER must go

A lot of Lakers fans including MYSELF have stated that the Lakers have a weakness at the PG position. Don't get me wrong he does help the team and has made numerous big shots for the Lakers but there are also things that he can no longer do. He's constantly a defense liability. The league is changing and is full of young, fast dynamic, athletic Point Guards that cause match up problems for the aging Fisher. Also Shannon Brown has opted out of his contract, and Steve Blake did not played up to his potential last season. PG depth is definitely a concern, maybe that is why LA drafted two guards in this years draft.

It seems that many Lakers players or members of the organization don't address that as a concern, at least not publicly. And maybe they shouldn't. But it's rare that you see ex teammates, especially ones that have won multiple titles together take shots at each other. Well Robert Horry has done just that. He does state that he is not dissin Horry, but just stating the obvious. He believes that Fish should not be the Lakers starting PG any longer.

Here are his words from LA TIMES:

"No disrespect to Derek Fisher. Derek is alone. I’ve been there, done that. They need a point guard who can distribute the ball, get everyone in order and not be afraid to tell Kobe no,” - Robert Horry

“You can’t outrun age. I think age has caught up to him. There’s some things he can do, but there are some things he can’t do.” - Robert Horry

Why Lil Wayne is Mad @ LeBRON and WADE !!!

Lil Tunechi snapped out in the Rolling Stones Magazine recently. It was actually kind of hilarious to me.
Wayne is mad because he spends all that money on tickets to sit courtside at numerous Miami Heat games and LeBron and Wade never show him any love. Despite how they communicate with other celebrities and fans they show no love Tunechi's way lol. Maybe it has a lot to do with the Wayne publicly stating that he doesn't route for Miami. Or maybe Bron doesn't like the Kobe Bryant song Wayne dropped taking some shots at LBJ.

Here are Lil Tunechi's words from Rolling Stone:

“When Wayne sat court-side at a recent Miami Heat/New Orleans Hornets game he was upset that Lebron James and Dwayne Wade never came over to talk to him. ‘Them ni**as never speak to a ni**a,’ he says. ‘They don’t chuck me the deuce or nothing. Ni**a spent all that money on them fuc*ing tickets … Come holla at me. We sit right by them little bitch-ass ni**as. At least come ask me why I’m not rooting for you.’”

Derrick Williams (#2 Pick) Signs a Sneaker Deal !!!

Derrick Williams announces the sneakers he will be rockin this season (depending on lockout) and it may be a surprise to some. Nope not Nike, Reebok, Jordan, or Adidas. Williams is joining Kemba Walker and Brandon Jennings and taking his talents to Under Armour! I don't know what the folks @ Under Armour are preaching to these kids but one thing is sure...they are signing some college studs! They are jumping at young talent especially after recently signing Kemba Walker.

“It’s exciting to join a young brand that brings such a strong, new voice and look to the game,” said Williams. “Under Armour is a great fit for me because they are just as passionate as I am about working hard and striving to be the best.” -Derrick Williams

When we find out what his signature shoe looks like we'll let you know here @


Allen Iverson scores 30 points in celebrity game [Video]

For the A.I. fans out there who are disappointed in the twists and turns Iverson's career has taken for the worst, this is for YOU! Tired of looking at YouTube and trying to prove to your youngins on the block how great of a player A.I. was? Well here's a little fuel for your fire. Iverson showed some glimpses of himself, showing flashes of his crossover and some fancy moves as he dropped 30 points in a celebrity pick up game! I know its just a pick up game. But hey do you have any better recent highlights from A.I.? ok then watch this! lol