Thursday, December 23, 2010

Young Chris: "I'm Good."

Last night Young Chris collapsed while performing at S.O.B’s. But you knew that already…unless of course you've completely cut yourself off all social networking sites. He endured a seizure and was rushed to a hospital. He's "good" now though. Check the letter he wrote to his fans.

Sidebar: I like the letter move, and his following might be bigger than it was, when him and Neef's "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" was nominated for a Grammy. Keep it up. #BigUps Rico Love and Division 1.

Dear Fans,

I am overwhelmed with the love and support I have been getting from family, friends and fans. I simply over worked myself. As I chase down success I have to take care of myself better while I am chasing my dream. I’m getting rest now and going to work towards having a better balance between work and health. Thank you to all those who were involved in helping and thank you to all the media for giving me priceless respect. I truly appreciate it. Your prayers are heard, Trust me. Love you all.

Young Chris
aka Christopher Ries


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