Friday, April 29, 2011

Kick Game: Place Your Bid On These...

You're not going to believe this. But what you're looking at is a pair of OG Air Jordan 1s. Not just any old retro, or OG for that matter. MJ wore this EXACT pair in a 1986 regular season game against the Boston Celtics on 3/21/86 - which happened to be the fourth game back from a foot injury!

In order to make his return in a smooth and well orchestrated fashion, the geniuses at Nike laced him with a strapped player exclusive design of the Air Jordan 1. This Player Edition dons the same colorway as the released pairs but features a black strap and orthopedic insoles. Tagging indicates that MJ wore a 13 (right foot) and 13.5 (left foot) at the time.

You can have them if you want them...for the small fee of $25,000.00 SEE HERE for the ebay auction page.

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