Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Truth With Elliott Wilson: Has Hip Hop Abandoned President Obama? (@ElliotWilson) [Video]

What do you think???

Has Hip-Hop abandoned President Barack Obama?

That's a good question, but I doubt it.

At least, not completely. In 2008, there was a different vibe in our culture. The public was more enthused about the history that was being made, and that pretty much clouded the current state of the union and the policy and/or blueprint to fix it. Society today maintains a severe case of attention deficit disorder...and we're always looking for the fastest fix. That's not how politics and government works. It has never worked that way, and will never work that way. But we have to understand that due to social media, and the anomaly that is President Barack Obama, a lot of us are new to this politics life, and we don't understand.

Hip-Hop is not exempt from that. The contributors to the culture are human too and some are also looking for the unrealistic, completely illogical, quick turnaround. Not going to happen.

So, my answer is NO. Hip-Hop hasn't abandoned Obama, just a little frustrated that's all. And we're all entitled. But I will go on record and say this...



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