Tuesday, December 18, 2012

AlLindstrom.com's 2012 Hip-Hop Rookie Of The Year and Most Improved Artist [Video]

Somebody PLEASE get @JPettyIII in this circle! He deserves it. Anyway, check the debate out...it's a few days sour, and could've been better, but then again, 2012 could've been better too.

The Allindstrom.com Hip-Hop Award Season is BACK! This year we’ve brought Joe La Puma of Complex Magazine, B. Dot of Rap Radar, Combat Jack, Jayson Rodriguez of XXL, and Jeff Sledge to debate to best of the year. In our first video we debate if there's a bigger rookie than Chief Keef, and it’s Nas vs Pusha T vs Big Sean for Most Improved.

Shot and Edited by Justin Fleischer @jflei for CAN.DID Media and Allindstrom.com


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