Friday, December 7, 2012

The Truth With Elliott Wilson: Who Should Win Best Rap Album Grammy? [Video]

And The Nominees Are...

This is tough. There are a few albums in the mix that are truly deserving. However, there can only be one winner...

The ratchet in me wants to hand this award right over to my playa pahtnah, Tity 2 Chainz, for Based On A TRU Story. The album was dope and he had arguably, one of the biggest records of the year in "No Lie" featuring Drake. The single has sold 1 million + copies to date and highlights the album.

But that is a single. The rest of the album doesn't begin to scratch the success "No Lie" has garnered, making a Grammy nod OK, but a win a rather far-fetched idea.

I also have a side screaming for Philadelphia's own, The Roots' UnDun. This album marked their first "themed" album, and if you were able to identify that theme and follow the story, it was like no other. The project itself was extremely underrated and overlooked. I think they may have a shot at winning, but I doubt it. Timing is everything here and unfortunately, Drake and Nas both dropped classic albums that are both worthy of bringing home the gold to their respective camps.

My pick for winner: Drake Take Care

I don't think Lupe or Rick Ross have a shot at winning, but with the Grammy's...who knows? SEE: Esperanza Spalding OVER a breakout sensation Justin Beiber for New Artist of the Year.

And the Grammy nominees for Best Rap Album are... Take Care by Drake; Life Is Good by Nas; Based on a T.R.U. Story by 2 Chainz; God Forgives I Don't by Rick Ross; Undun by The Roots; and Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Part 1 by Lupe Fiasco. Who deserves the honors? Rap Radar's Elliott Wilson narrows it down and delivers his verdict on this episode of The Truth.

Well, what do you think? Feel free to weigh in! Share your thoughts in the c-section below!

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