Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Truth With Elliott Wilson: Will Tyga's Past Hurt His Future? [Video]

I'd go on record and say probably not...

Fortunately for Tyga, the ruling Hip-Hop pendulum has swung in his favor. Hip-Hop is no longer keyword PRIMARILY about authenticity and the difference between "who's real" and "who's fake." Ultimately, it's about perception and what you can make your core audience believe and/or feel.

And fortunately again for Tyga, he is with the perfect machine in making an audience believe or feel something. If YMCMB was a college student, his (or her) major would be "Creating Characters." They work at that, so they excel at that. Mr. Rack City is in the perfect position to make that slander fade, and let his work overshadow TMZ's 187 attempt. What do you think Elliot???

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