Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kobe Makes More Adjustments To His Game

Kobe is at it again. Making adjustments to improve his game. To begin his career, Kobe was a flashy, high flyer, and amazing lock down defender. With age he began to extend his game, adding the deep three pointer, and fade away jump shot to his arsenal of moves. Even adding post play as a lethal weapon.

Kobe has now lost 16 pounds to elevate his performance for the London games, and upcoming NBA Season. He says he plans to play until June and needed to take some weight off his knees. The weight lose was not something necessary because Kobe is in great shape, and one of the most conditioned athletes especially at his age. But it was more or less a minor adjustment that may have a long and positive impact.

Kobe also participated In an experimental procedure last year that was only available overseas. He said the procedure definitely added years on to his career. He can train and play without limping, and swelling in his knees.

The added weight loss appears to be another adjustment that will benefit his knees, and Kobe's body to grind through the summer games, an 82 game season, and a long playoff run.

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