Friday, December 14, 2012

The Truth With Elliott Wilson: Does NY Hip-Hop Get Enough Support From Hot 97? [Video]

Good question.

For New Yorkers though...

But before we get into this, if you you need some background, check the following links, in this order...

1. How It All Started

2. The Follow Up

3. The Conversation

But we could easily turn this into a regional thing. As a Philadelphia resident, I'd say, local artists get their due airplay. I look at Meek, Cassidy, Beans and these are our heavyweights. Our "urban" radio stations (Power 99 - Clear Channel and Hot 107.9 - Radio One) definitely look out for the grind nation. Just last night, Hot 107.9 in personality and dj, Dj Damage played "Missing You Lately" by a favorite, Jade Alston. Chill Moody, Beano, Khemist, Newz Huddle... I mean these are all artists the masses may not have heard of...YET, but if their shots on air play keep up, they will soon be "household" names. I use that term lightly.

All that to say, I understand the plight in New York. And I applaud B. Dot, Rosenberg and Old Man Ebro (Hot 97 Program Director) for making this a topic of relevance...but in Philly, the locals get held down.

Now, if we can only get them in ROW...TAY...SHUN. But hey, give them an inch, they ask for a mile, right?

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