Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Truth With Elliott Wilson: Will the ASAP Rocky Leak Damage His Career? [Video]

ASAAAAAAAP! Get like me...And have your plumber on speed dial.

I think the way this question was posed has the audience confused a bit. We're discussing A$AP Rocky's career...not his first week album sales. I think the A$AP crew is doing a good job branding themselves, they have a strong following and a decent financial backing.

So, all they have to worry about is maintaining that originality. They'll be straight. I think a leak a month early will indeed hurt sales though.

Long.Live.A$AP. on shelves January 15th.

One of the most anticipated albums of 2013, A$AP Rocky's Long.Live.A$AP was leaked a full 30 days before it's scheduled release date. Rap Radar's Elliot Wilson asks whether the leak will damage the future of the rising star's career.

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