Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Truth With Elliott Wilson: Should Meek Mill Respond To Cassidy? [Video]

Ummm, YN, I'm going to have to disagree...

Yes, right now Meek has more to lose.

Yes, Split Personality dropped in 2004. And went GOLD fast, might I add. Meek? Ok, I get it, different era in music.

However, I'm not sure that Meek should respond. But I am almost positive, Cassidy isn't doing this to "help resurrect his career." Cassidy is a BATTLE RAPPER. One who relishes the opportunity to lyrically embarrass another emcee, because that's what he's good at. If anything, Meek shouldn't respond, because he does have more to lose and he will if he keeps this up.

And yo, I don't want to hear any Jay-Z-like, subliminal bars from Meek or MMG. If you're going to go, GO. If not, don't. And while I'm on my MMG soapbox, Elliot, what happened to you? The old Elliot Wilson would've appreciated a good battle. The new YN might be content on collecting MMG checks? I don't know...

After withstanding a 10-minute lyrical assault attacking his character, should Meek Mill respond to Cassidy? Elliott Wilson weighs the debate and delivers his verdict on this episode of The Truth.

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